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i know livejournal is dead and gone, but oh well [Jan. 27th, 2012|11:50 am]
Are you guilty of drunk dialing?
drunk texting, but not dialing

What do you think about President Obama?
I actually wasn’t a huge fan at first, but he’s had so much to clean up that he really can’t be faulted for it and he’ll be receiving my vote in november because I’d rather live in canada than have another republican in office

When did you go to bed last night and why?
2:30 am, slept surprisingly well the night before and wanted to watch some dvds

What kind of mood are you in right now?
good today, but that will not be the case tomorrow morning...

When was the last time you drank alcohol? Was this the last time it was in your house?
uhh Tuesday, and i’m not 100% what the second part of the question is getting at lawlz

How old were you when you moved where you live now?
5, which is crazy to think about

Any TV show addictions?
lol waaaaay too many, like upwards of 20, but out of all the new shows this season, revenge is my favorite

Does addiction of anything run in your family?
pretty rampantly (sp? word choice?) actually, luckily not in my immediate family

How do you feel about your relationship status?
i probably should feel worse about being single at ~23, but i’m such a loner that i’m actually relatively ok with it. pathetic, yes, true, yes

Do you like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus?
i was a big defender of her for a long time, but i think she’s trying too hard to be rebellious and “untamed” if you will, but yes i like her although she’s become rather irrelevant lately

How do you feel about life as of right now?
i wish i had a real job and wasn’t an adult, but pretty good actually, i think i’m very lucky for the most part

If you have a job, do you like it?
i STRONGLY dislike it, but it’s such easy money for what i actually do (albeit not that much) but it’s definitely not something i need to stress over, just tedious stuff day in and day out

Have you ever eaten at a Hard Rock Cafe?
yes, i’ve actually been to the original one in cleveland and the one in boston many a time as well. i dig it

03. What was the last thing you were really excited for?
not gonna lie, proooobably the return of some shows from winter hiatus. exciting life i lead…

08. What movie did you last watch and with whom?
the descendants with brittany, loved every second of it

21. How often do you read for pleasure?
never usually, but i got a book for christmas and i’m hoping to get back into it

Is there any drink that you absolutely MUST drink cold?
pretty much anything, it’s supposed to be cold…

Did you sleep in past noon today?
nope, haven’t done that in ages

Honestly, do you have any Hilary Duff on your MP3 player?
i wish! so yesterday is a wonderful little ditty

Do you like peanut M&M's?
yes, but i prefer peanut butter

When was the last time you had hot chocolate?
i despise hot chocolate (and any hot beverages in general)

Do you like soup?
pretty much chicken noodle only (i’m such a 5 year old)

Has anyone famous ever '@ replied' you on Twitter?
no, but at one point in time judd apatow and adrian grenier both followed me for whatever reasons (but have since unfollowed)

What's the earliest time you've gone to bed in the past week?
lol i went to bed at 9 on thursday and 1030 on friday, i really am one of the coolest people i know…

Do you have Pop Tarts in your house right now?
always stocked on them

Name a show that starts with an A:
for some reason aqua teen hunger force is the first thing that came to mind???

Are all of your friends in relationships?
just a couple, i take comfort in knowing the rest of us will all die alone

Chicken or steak?
chicken all day errday

When someone calls you in the middle of the night, do you remember the conversation?
i can’t remember the last time i’ve spoken to ANYBODY on the phone that wasn’t my parents, and i live with them, so this wouldn’t happen
Do you plan on going to college?
been there, done that

Do you want to get married some day?
there’s nothing i’d like more, but i’m destined to be alone forever [/emo]

Would you rather be on the beach right now?
not a fan of beaches

What is a food you crave a lot?
fast food, which is never a good thing

Do you think the people you love, love you just as much?
they probably don’t, but it’s alright (wow, these have been some depressing answers, sorry)

What are you going to dress up as this Halloween?
i hope to god that my friends weren’t joking because we have every intention of going as the characters in clue, but i have a feeling it might not actually happen (if that’s the case, brendan and i will be going as rob and rex ryan or the winklevoss twins)

Myspace or facebook?
Tell us something that made you happy yesterday:
winning in bang/going to bali hai

What's the weather like outside?:
it snowed, which might be my least favorite thing in the entire world

Your favorite song at the moment:
oh wow, for some reason I’ve been obsessed with teenage dirtbag by wheatus even though it’s like 10 years old and i’m not a teenage anymore?

How many pillows do you sleep with?:
4, but i could definitely use a lot more

Cozy evening in or a night out at the club?:
cozy evening in everytime

who sings the last song you listened to?:

what time did you wake up today?:
what are your worst flaws?:
i procrastinate a lot, i’m really stubborn, i’m afraid of any form of confrontation

what kind of music do you listen to?:
i hate this question, i don’t discriminate based on genre, i like the song, don’t care who it’s by or what kind of music it is

would you date a 20 year old at your age?:
sure why not

if you needed help at 3 am, who would you call?:
only my parents, nobody else would even answer lol

how many friends do you have?:
i’d say either 5 or 6, but that’s not including acquaintances or friends i’ve lost touch with. it’s a small amount, but hey, it’s cool

are you going to prom this year?:
lol, surveys are not meant for people my age...

are you good at hiding your emotions?:
i think so, although i’m never really morose or anything, maybe just annoyed and can hide it easily

is there one person you'll never forget?: there’s a few, and i hope i don’t lose touch with them in the first place

are you ready for summer?:
yes but just because cold weather makes me so angry, i’m actually much more excited for spring now that school isn’t a factor

what is one thing about yourself you wish you could change?:
i’d probably be less disgusting to look at? but really, i’d have more of a backbone and stand up for myself more

If you could find out who you're gonna marry right now, would you?:
yes that would solve many a problem of mine
What kind of movies do you like watching?:
weird ones that are usually pretty deep and out there, that i don’t entirely necessarily understand either

What's the most annoying song at the moment?:
adele’s new song </3 and i still can’t stand moves like jagger or paradise Would you say that you have a nice smile? you know i have actually heard that before, like once Do you like steak? only from restaurants and certain ones at that Pill to make you braver or one to make you smarter? both sound nice, but i suppose bravery What is your best summer memory of 2011? probably the cape trip just because getting away for a little while is always a good thing Would you eat a spider to meet your favorite celebrity? ignoring the question entirely, i’m not actually sure i’d want to meet the 84729 celebrities that i idolize and worship. something about not knowing them makes it more interesting. but i’d eat a spider for money in a heartbeat Would you choose to be the most attractive, the smartest, or most athletic? oh wow, i am NONE of those things, um, probably smartest? what's the worst cuss word in your opinion? probably cunt, but that doesn’t stop me from saying it on a semi-regular basis… 4. how many videos have you watched on youtube? (you can find out on your homepage) a lot, but i only watch for songs and clips, not for videos made for the site 15. do you go to sleep when you're not tired, or do you wait until you feel tired? very, very, very rarely can i actually fall asleep either way, but if i’m not tired, forget it 17. do you cuss on purpose or does it just slip? kind of both, but i can control it 19. when someone doesn't text you back, do you call them restricted to see if they're ignoring you? no, but that’s kind of hilarious Are you drifting away from someone you were close with? in the process of drifting away from many, post-grad problems Is there someone you'd like to fix things with? one of the two has already been taken care of, and i’m not entirely sure i would fix things with the other Have you ever liked someone that treated you like crap? yeah, isn’t that how it goes? Do you have any text messages that you don't want other people reading? it’s not the content of the messages that i mind, it’s the ignoring of privacy If you had to eat 1 thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? i’m very tempted to say either wendy’s fries or cheez-its, but that probably wouldn’t be a good idea What does the 4th text in your inbox say? i think the last time i got a text was like 3 days ago... Did you have a good birthday this year? hasn't happened yet, but i find birthdays incredibly overrated and probably won’t do anything Do you like cookies n' cream ice cream? why yes, yes i do How often do you raise your hand in class and answer a question? in elementary school, every question. in middle school, very often. in high school, every once and awhile. in college, never ever ever ever ever Would you get a mega bag of skittles, or three regular ones? lol, stupid question. mega bag ftw Are you happy with the choices you’ve made? definitely some, but certainly not all Do you secretly like to go grocery shopping?: i actually do, with friends and stuff. we usually have a good time when we go down the cape What wild animal would you love to have as a pet?: i would love a small polar bear, but that probably wouldn’t work out when it reached full size What brand name do you think is just way over the top expensive?: northface! i don’t think there’s anything wrong with the design or whatever, but you’re paying 4758398 dollars for a coat you could also get for like 10 without the logo Do you tend to get more sleep on the weekends the during the week?: definitely the weekends Do you feel the media can be too harsh on people?: absolutely, people should be allowed to make mistakes just because they’re in the public eye Are you comfortable talking to strangers?: i actually think i prefer talking to strangers than most people i know… What's the most boring game to exist? Why do you dislike it so much?: um, i love board games and will play anything, anytime What's the last movie you saw in theatres? Was it good?: the descendants. loved every second of it, hoping it takes the oscar for best picture What are some of your biggest fears? : aside from the ridiculous ones of birds, bees, and anything else that can attack me from above, the future, the unknown, etc etc Do you tend to like surveys with long detailed questions, or short ones?: long, detailed ones, which is very much unlike these ones On average, how long would you say you’re on the computer per week?: a lot, but not as much as most. i don’t have a computer at work, so that eliminates all usage there and when i’m home, i greatly prefer to be watching tv. but i still log in a decent amount of hours per week Do you like your music loud? : yes but only when I’m alone If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would it be?: smell seems like the easy option here Would you rather have no computer or no cellphone for a week?: uhhh probably cell phone. not to be continuously emo, but not many people contact me anyways and i don’t usually use the computer to contact others What's you favourite thing to have for dessert?: the majority of desserts are pretty cool with me, but a big ass ice cream sounds good right about now Choose one: Hanging out at the beach, or playing some winter *sports?: i don’t really like either of those things, how about playing summer sports not on the beach? Do you believe everything happens for a reason?: yes, i always tell people this What's the coolest place that you ever been to? What'd you do there?: not much of a vacationer, so i’ll submit the lame answer of cape cod just because the people down there are so friendly and life down there is just generally better Oh look, a shooting star! What's your wish?: do i go for the obvious route of any old job, or do i actually wish for my wildest dreams?” What's the earliest time you ever had to wake up? Was it hard for you?: the beginning of last month, i had an alarm for 4 am, and it actually wasn’t that difficult, but waking up is always easy for me, it’s just functioning much later in the day that becomes difficult What radio station do you listen to most?: mix, xlo, 929, magic or 957 You have unlimited money, what do you do with your life?: well that sounds ideal. help out everyone in my life and maybe take some me time Do you want to do something to make a difference in the world? : i would love to What did you do for the 4th of July this past year? i don’t think much of anything, one day i’ll have a life Do you think a lot of people think bad things about you? i’ve always kind of thought people think things about me that are entirely untrue. or at the very least, people think of me as my late middle-school/high school self where i was admittedly a jackass. hopefully that doesn’t last forever… Is there someone you used to talk to everyday but don't anymore? just one Are you comfortable with your height? moreso as an adult than as a teenager, but i think if I was just a couple inches shorter, i could be respectably tall Is there a specific moment you can replay in your mind perfectly? a lot, memories are cool Do you think you'll make a good husband/wife? i think i will, just have to find someone first Do your parents have Facebook accounts? my dad does and HE rejected my request, isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex? pretty much consistently since 9th grade, although the group of people i refer to as my “best friends” are all guys What do you want to be when you grow up? successful (that’s how you avoid a question you don’t know how to answer) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? probably dead of high cholesterol [/optimism] What’s your favorite type of soda? coke, pepsi, or root beer Have you ever moved? twice, but not since 1994 (which is actually very weird to think about) How long 'til your birthday? 3 weeks from today actually When were you the saddest in your whole life? thankfully i haven’t had to deal with too much heartache or anything too terrible, but i actually really didn’t enjoy my return to saugus high sophomore year, i ended up barely able to see any of my friends in school and in general, i kind of realized how much i preferred the people at bishop fenwick. but now i’m thrilled i got to come back When was the last time you actually cried? the beginning of senior year of high school, and the time before that was 8th grade…i think i’ll probably have a mental breakdown at some point in the near future for no apparent reason What usually makes you sad? “if i could go back…” the idea of knowing that you can’t Are you usually a happy person? i think so. pessimistic, absolutely, but not sad or depressed What makes you the happiest? being with my friends (and tv…) Do you believe in yourself? sometimes, but not as much as i should Are you a Twilight fan? If so, how much of one?: no, but i think it’s stupid for everyone to hate on it also Have you ever made fun of someone's mom? What did you say?: the standard “sex with your mom” jokes are a given, but not too much trash talking that i can recall Have you ever been eaten out or done that to someone? Did you like it?: wow that came (no pun intended) out of nowhere. yes, and no, i did not What is your opinion on the Xbox? Do you have one?: not a huge gamer, but all the games i do enjoy are for playstation, gamecube or wii What is your favorite type of sandwich?: i am a salami kind of guy Have you ever been to California? Did you like it?: no, but that’s at the top of my to-go list How many hours a day are you on Facebook? What do you do on there?: less than 1 nowadays, freshmen year in college it was probably closer to 3 lol. now i pretty much browse my feed once or twice a day (but spend ample time on twitter, so it’s not like i’m trying to say i have a life or anything) Would you ever consider joining the army?: no, I have respect for those that do, but it’s not for me Do you like rap? Or do you prefer rock or something else?: i think I stated earlier that i hate saying i like or dislike a certain genre, but if i didn’t, then that’s what i’ll say now Have you ever made a racist comment? Be honest.: all the time, but that’s not to say i mean anything by it Do you think cross country is really a sport? : yes and i always wish i got into that, i think i would have found success there Are you poor, middle class, or rich?: i would say lower middle-class if i had to venture a guess, but i also can’t say that i’ve ever really felt like i’ve suffered in life because of my “class” What is your favorite sports team? And your favorite sport?: the new york giants and football. now that i’ve gotten into football, i really enjoy it and the giants were the team i followed all season long (but don’t worry, i’m rooting for the patriots) Who is the most annoying person you know? Why?: i think we all know my answer to this question… Feelings about Star Wars/Trek nerds?: doesn’t bother me at all. never crazy about star wars, but i like star trek and i would never insult an obsession with a movie/tv series, clearly How long does it normally take you to shower?: if i’m in a rush, it can be done in 5-10 minutes, but sometimes a long shower can be necessary What do you do the most when you are online?: twitter or on any tv-related sites Do you listen to the radio anymore?: yes, a lot now because i have a 45 minute drive to and from work and i spend a lot of time at work driving around Do you wish you could ever hug yourself to see if you're a good hugger? i think i’m good, i do the chill one arm thing In the past 24 hours, have you hung out with a girl? does associating with the middle aged women at work count? If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive? not at all, but i’m a big fan of into the wild lawlz Have you ever watched a movie in another language? yep, i’ve taken a number of film studies courses. for the most part, i’m not a fan, but there were a few i enjoyed Do you look like a celebrity? nope, that saddens me Any recent purchases? gas and dinner/drinks at uno on tuesday, proud to say i havent spent a dime since then Have you ever thought about giving up on life completely? not literally, but during a paper in college all the time i would just throw my arms in the air and stop trying (i realize that’s not at all what the question was asking, but it’s the best answer i’ve got) Have you seen the entire Harry Potter series? but of course Do you like being sensually bitten? i’ve never been, but it doesn’t really sound all that great? Do you ever make mix CDs for anyone? used to all the time, now i mostly make them for myself for the car. i actually think i’m pretty amazing at making them Are you into gory movies? nope, but not really bothered by them either Do you prefer winter or summer? now that there’s no possibility of anything getting canceled, i despise winter wholeheartedly. hate the awful weather and the chaos it creates. give me summer any day Do you consider yourself a loner or a social butterfly? although i am definitely a loaner, if i know everyone that i’m with, i think i can be a pretty great time, but i am by no means a social butterfly Are you a fan of PDA (public displays of affection)? doesn’t really bother me, unless there is full on intercourse taking place on a park bench Have you ever been put to sleep for surgery? twice and i would recommend it to anyone getting any kind of surgery What is one feature that you're self-conscious about? pretty much everything lol, my height, my face, my body in general Where are your siblings as of now? connor is in school, and brendan and erin are away at school, can’t say i know what any of them are actually doing Would you say you're a more serious or sarcastic person? although i would never deny that i’m a sarcastic bastard, i can be serious too What is your favorite online smiley face? oh wow, i love emoticons. my recent favorite is :-x, but a good old :) never hurt anyone Do you have any fetishes? i don’t think anything too weird What is your favorite class? done with school, but my favorites in college were writing for visual media, creative writing and prose writing (notice a trend?) Do you have any big regrets as of now? many, but what can you do? Are you in love with someone right now? taylor swift? Do you take a lot of photos? nope, don’t even own a camera Do you get along more with your mother or father? get along with them both fine, although my mom snaps more often (but never for more than a few hours) If you have a job, do you work with any of your friends? i work with my dad, does that count? lol but in all seriousness, i have become very friendly with a lot of the people i work with, but most of them are MUCH older and i wouldn’t consider them “friends” What would you say is your favorite color, out of them all? i always go back to red although blue and green should not be ignored. one of those three, just not sure which one What are you most known for? people ask me about tv and movies all the time, which i am happy about. i’m also “that tall kid” and a twin, so people know me as that What was the last movie you bought for yourself to watch? for christmas, i asked for a surplus of movies, but didn’t buy them myself obviously (i don’t usually buy myself permanent things) Do you have a problem with body hair? one thing i don’t think women realize is that that’s what happens to men. it’s really not something that can be controlled. i understand it ain’t pretty, but there’s nothing that can be done (and before you say there’s something that can be done, i’m not going to shave my chest, that’s just weird) Where is your best friend at the moment? i assume they’re all either working or in class Is she/he there for you when you need them the most? i don’t rely on other people to solve my problems Do you support gay marriage? yes, i’m a pretty big supporter of equal rights in general At what age do you plan to get married? after 35, i’ll probably give up, but i’m hoping for 28-32 What have you been made fun of for the most? do people really need reasons these days? pretty much just the usual “be mean to the quiet kid” stuff Who is your most favorite television/movie villain? lex luthor is the only villain i’ve ever really sided with and enjoyed as a character Do you like the 80's? definitely certain parts of it, but let it be said that i thought breakfast club was terrible and really all those john hughes movies kind of bothered me, but that’s just me Would you say that you are an optimist or a pessimist? a pessimist just because i always assume the worst will happen, but i always hope for the best Have you ever watched TV for more than 3 hours straight? lol, for MUCH more than that Have you ever been to a concert? a handful although i’m not crazy about concerts (mainly because of other concert-goers) but if i really like the band, then i enjoy going What was your favorite subject in school last year? hm, last semester…uhh, i enjoyed my media criticism class for the most part What grade are you going to this year? graduated college in may, son Have you ever skipped school? we were never really allowed to skip school unless we were very sick, but i defintely skipped a couple classes here and there when i felt the need to What was the last sin you commited? gluttony on a regular basis Do you take surveys on a regular basis? not really as much anymore. even i don’t have much time for them, but in college, they were perfect for down time Have you ever failed a final grade average? thankfully, no. i’ve got a couple of miserable grades over the years but not too many Look out your window. How many people do you see? i’m not actually going to do this, but i think i could safely assume there would be nobody. When was the last time you had a milkshake? i can honestly say i don’t think i’ve ever had one. Do you count calories? not at all, food has a power over me that i cannot break and most of my favorite food is horrible for you. plus although i’m definitely not as skinny as i once was, losing weight isn’t completely necessary for me at this point in life If you found out you were pregnant, who would be the first person to know? lololol, um, the press? Do you like the rain? love the rain, which is weird considering how much i abhor the snow How old were you when you had your first kiss? i was 15 01. Do you truly consider yourself to be confident or insecure? insecure, but i do have fleeting moments of confidence 02. Are you honestly comfortable in your own skin? so much more than i used to be, but could still use some work 06. When your friend is telling you all of their problems - do you truly care? i do, i don’t want anyone in my life to be unhappy, but it does get annoying when every little thing becomes a problem 07. Are you a selfish person? i don’t think so at all, to be honest 08. What is one of the biggest lies that you have ever told? haven’t really told anything astronomical 09. Have you ever lied to a friend just to shut them up? probably nothing more than “oh wow, really have to be somewhere” 10. Do you have a secret that you aren't telling anyone? nope, i always say if people actually care enough about my life to ask, i’ll tell them anything (although it helps that i have had a pretty uneventful life) 11. Did you ever lie about how much money your family has? nope, we’re doing just fine 12. Have people ever told you that you are snobby? i don’t have anything to be snobby about 14. What is something that you have done that you wouldn't want people to know? nothing really comes to mind? 18. What is one of the meanest things you have done to someone? aside from being a douchebag to connor when we were both much younger, i don’t think i’ve done anything too mean to anyone 25. Have you ever drank underage? yes, but compared to what most kids do before 21, i was an angel. i drank twice in high school and maybe a dozen or so times in college before turning 21 26. What about drive without a license? maybe without the physical license itself, but not without a license to operate 27. What is the greatest physical pain you have ever been in? nothing too awful, thankfully, but that cyst that i had for a year or so was miserable 33. What would you do if the person you loved most moved tomorrow without a word? this would either be a family member or a close friend, so i’d be pretty confused 43. What is the worst crime you have committed? speeding, which i think i can be happy about if that’s the worst thing i’ve ever done 44. Have you ever drank alcohol & then drove after? yes, but i have never driven drunk before. i always know my limit 46. Do you care about charity and world peace? yes, but i’m not exactly in a position to make a gigantic difference 47. Do you consider yourself a miserable person? no, but i think a lot of my friends are and it gets kind of annoying after awhile Do you like stuffed crust pizza? no, i don’t even like regular cheese, let alone in my crust How many proms have you been to? i went to 5 actually, but 3 were with the same person, so i’m not sure it counts or not What was the last movie you watched? i watched bits and pieces of the covenant last night, really couldn’t get into it How many movies have you bought? not too many, most are given to me as gifts. like i’ve said before, i don’t often buy myself things, otherwise i’d own 4858937483 dvds 3. are you so sick of love songs? no i actually like a lot of love songs, despite having nobody to share them with 11. would you ever go on a reality show? i think i could handle both big brother and survivor, my problem is being televised lol 15. are you a fan of horror movies? not really because i’m kind of a massive pussy, but there are a few that i really enjoy 16. do you eat quickly? nope, people often comment on how slow i eat 17. have you ever been on a soccer team? played pretty consistently from 4-18, hated it pretty consistently from 4-18 18. did you sleep well last night? nope, but do i ever sleep well? 23.is it true that we're all a little insane? oh, definitely. “you don’t like my point of view, cuz i’m insaneeeeee” 25. If you could be any age, what would you be? i don’t see anything wrong with being 22 28. What is your dream car? one that works and is good on gas 30. Would you go swimming in shallow waters where, one year earlier, a shark had attacked a child? lol, um, why not? 31. How many cavities do you have? i’ve only had one in my life so far, but i have a feeling the next time i go, i may have one 33. If you were in a car sinking in a lake, which would you do first: unbuckle your seat belt or open your window? hm, good question. i guess unbuckling your seatbelt is always a good idea so you’re not constrained 67. If you could invite any movie star to your home for dinner, who would it be? most the celebrities that i idolize are low-profile tv stars, but um, natalie portman would be cool 82. What is your least favorite fruit? i like almost all fruits and i’m actually struggling to come up with one that i don’t like 84. If you won a $5,000 shopping spree to any store, which store would you pick? newbury comics (or maybe target or walmart so i could at least buy some food and stuff, too) 85. What brand sports apparel do you wear the most? i mostly just wear plain colors lol 91. If I were to win a grammy, what kind of music would it be for? it would probably be for songwriting, like a powerful ballad lol 92. What is your favorite season? spring<33333333333333333333333333 95. Would you be a more successful painter or singer? lol, i have such an awful singing voice, but it is not worse than my drawing abilities. singer, but i would be trashed by critics Do you want to know the date of your death and/or how you die? i think that would be a cause for insanity, although at least if you knew you were gonna die next year, you could reevaluate what was the most important things in your life, but still, i wouldn’t wanna know how much money do you have on you? 60 bucks in my wallet, but today’s pay day, so who knows what i’ll do with that
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did anyone miss these? [Sep. 5th, 2011|03:06 pm]
I was gonna update, but then I decided to just do a survey instead. For what reason, I'm not entirely sure. My life is still pretty uneventful, but you know, I'm okay with it (for now anyways). I doubt anybody has the time to read this and I actually didn't really have much time to even complete it until now thanks to the long weekend. Although as of Tuesday night, it appears that I may have all the time in the world until I find a real job :-X

* How old are the last two people you kissed?
22 and no idea, but I'm leaning towards 23 or 24

* Last person you kissed calls wanting to hang out, what do you say?
what's your name, where are you from, etc

* Will you be in a relationship in the next couple months?
i'll go ahead and say no. this should probably disappoint me, but it really doesn't anymore lol

* When was the last time you had a conversation with an ex?
a few months ago

* Do you cry easily?
no, i used to be such a pussy until high school, now i literally believe i don't have the ability to cry anymore (still kind of a pussy though)

* Are you worried about anything right now?
mainly just the job search process after this week. i'm not even really that worried about working, i'm worried about listening to my parents bitch while i'm in the looking process

* How do you think tomorrow will be?
good, hanging with brittany for some quality time

* Do you wish you could take one thing back?
i wish i could take a number of things back, man

* If you could pack your bags right now and were given a plane ticket, where do you go?
i could say california, but i'm tempted to say canada? as much as i love the US, i feel like i could fit in up in canada lol

* Your parents said they were moving, what would your reaction be?
i'd probably be pretty pissed because even though i am definitely old enough to live on my own, i currently can't right now, so i'd have to uproot my life at 22 and i don't exactly have any desire in doing that

* What's the last thing you watched on TV?
big brother was the last actual program i watched start to finish, then i just kind of channel surfed for awhile. probably watching how i met your mother when i finish this

* Do you like school?
noooooo, i liked it in elementary school, but i really detested middle school and didn't really enjoy high school until senior year. college is really my own fault, but let's just say i'm not exactly sad to be done. school isn't really my thing

* Do you miss the way things used to be?
definitely, i think i just miss being young even if i didn't enjoy it at the time? i hate the idea of having responsibilities even though i currently don't have any at the time i'm writing this

* Your last kiss, on a bed or standing?
in a bar actually. i think it's cool that i can say that
* Which room in your house tends to be the coldest in the winter time?
my kitchen is freezing from october to april

* Were you in a good mood last night?
for the most part it was a fun night, but obviously any time i'm with joe it has it's drawbacks lol

* Would you rather take a cruise ship or aeroplane to get to your destination?
airplane, plz

* Do you like winter?
i used to, for reasons pretty much relating to cancellations of school and other stuff. now i don't like it at all

* Do you find the show Jersey Shore ridiculous?
i do, but i keep reminding myself that people like what they like. i've only seen one full episode and hated every second of it, and i really have no desire to watch another ever again

* Which friend are you most similar to?
i am so different from almost all of my friends (even though I only have like 5?) but i actually think me and dan have a lot in common actually. not interests-wise, but stuff beneath the surface that you wouldn't pick up on right away

* What were you doing before you started this survey?
i've had the house all to myself so i've just been migrating between rooms. it was a very unproductive day

* Is there anything you are currently procrastinating on?
looking for a job, but aside from that, not really

* What song could sum up your life right now?
the future freaks me out by motion city soundtrack sounds quite accurate

* What was your last conversation about?
me and my dad discussed star trek at great length...i'm such a tool

* What celebrity would you love to go on a date with?
taylor swift and/or mila kunis preferably

* When was the last time you saw your cousin(s)?
i saw one first cousin about two weeks ago, and that was the first time since christmas. i have such a close-knit family...

* Have you ever randomly spoken in an English accent?
yes, even though i despise the british and their accents, i think i can pull one off pretty good

* Where would you rather live, California or New York?
california. i would gladly visit new york, but i don't think i could ever live there

* Is there someone you always, secretly hope will talk to you?
taylor swift and/or mila kunis O:-)

* What are you listening to right now?
complete silence actually, perhaps i should put something on?

* What was your first favourite band?
i did like the backstreet boys before i learned it wasn't socially acceptable to be a boy who liked boy bands. i'm thinking blink-182 may have actually been the first band that i was really obsessed with

* What do you consider to be the best year of your life so far?
i say 2007 but i'm probably leaving out a bunch of great years from my childhood. i loved the second part of senior year of high school though, i really was having a great time and that summer was so awesome, just being together with all of my friends. i obviouisly wasn't crazy about college but moving out for the first time was such a big step and i do have some good memories from freshmen year. yeah, i'd say 2007 wins it for now

* Do you think dating at a young age is stupid?
nah, i think it's pretty harmless

* Do you have any current obsessions?
well i've really been enjoying trivia nights, and i don't know why i've never been to them before this summer. i look forward to them every week. also, new tv starts in two weeks, so i'm sure there will be at least one new show i fall in love with (though it will probably get cancelled after two episodes >:o)

* Have you ever been in a play?
just one and i think it's safe to say i was in a role that was less than supporting. i think i actually could have been pretty good at acting if i wasn't terrified of actually performing in front of others. i realize that's a huge part of it, but i think if i was acting in a room by myself, i could do a pretty decent job with it. lol, what am i even talking about?

* Describe a time when you were very happy:
to be honest, i consider myself very happy all the time, because i realize just how lucky i am, so it's really hard to pinpoint a time that was happier than the others, but like i said a few answers above, second part of senior year in high school was just awesome to me. that's when i feel like i really became close with all the friends i have now (even though i've been friends with them all for much longer)

* Would you rather have a hot boyfriend/girlfriend or $500?
500 bucks, but i don't think anyone understands how important money is to me, lol

* Do you stay up ridiculously late for no reason?
i am the king of that, although since i've been employed this summer, it hasn't been nearly that bad. during the summers when i didn't have a job though, going to bed at 3 for me would have been considered early

1 - Describe your first kiss and who was it with.
ashley and it was more or less a dare. we were playing a stupid game and it just ended up happening (and then like 8 more times that night)

2 - Describe your first make out and who was it with.
same as above

3 - Describe your first relationship.
i don't know how technical you can get here, i had a week long "official" relationship in 7th grade, and then a 2 month long one freshman year in high school, but neither of those really count. still, i guess that answers the question

4 - Describe your last relationship.
haven't had one since molly

5 - List all of your exes and how long you lasted.
i dont really know what can be considered an actual relationship and what can't be, i've had some weird trysts if you will. the timing can't even really be determined on some of them. let's just say not very long

6 - List all your crushes.
i feel like i've grown to despise all of them over time, for one reason or another. not really worth listing

7- List all your MAJOR crushes.
obviously molly, if that counts? and ashley when i was too young for it to ever really be serious. i was really into nrr back in high school, but nothing ever came out of that either. the only girl in college i was ever into was x, and we all know how that turned out. i was with lindsay alot, but i've honestly never really liked her that much, she's just convenient lol

8 - Who do you like right now? Why?
nobody actually, i am 100% off the lindsay train and we haven't spoken in a few weeks. other than her, i haven't even really met anyone new in awhile. college ended four months ago, and i work with my brother, three mexican guys, and a bunch of 50+ year olds. perhaps there will be someone at the first job i get?

9 - How far have you gone with anyone?
third base, by my description of the bases, but i know that varies for some people

13 - Describe the first time you got hurt.
i lost three grandparents between the ages of 6 and 12, but i would say i was much more affected by my mother's mother dying than my father's mother. i'm kind of lucky that i went through all that loss when i was younger because i didn't really understand it as much as i would now a days, but at the same time, it was really unfortunate to keep losing people that were close to me so often as a kid. i don't know which is worse, to be honest. wow, i really strayed from the original question lol

14 - Describe the last time you got hurt?
not entirely sure. i could say i was hurt when everyone at school turned against me, but honestly, it really didn't affect me that much. maybe it should have? i think i was mostly just annoyed that people were so easy to believe everything one person had to say without even hearing what anyone else had to? so that's not my answer, i guess i'm just talking out loud? or on the computer? whatever. i dont really know the last time i was hurt

Do you like to watch Comedy Central?:
i'll watch a few movies if they're on there, but it's definitely not a station i watch regularly

How many people on your myspace friends list care if you're alive or dead?:
oh wow, myspace, we're going back here. i haven't used it in years, but none of my close friends (now) ever had one. so i think i'll go with 1, because erin had one

Are you considered a nerd?:
absolutely, but i embrace it now rather than try to deny it like i did for the first 18 years of my life

Do you know anybody with a really weird name?:
look at my group of friends, we could not possibly have any more normal names

Would you ever name your child after yourself?:
don't think so, i'm a fan of giving them their own identity lol

Would I have to pay you to ride a rollercoaster?:
nope, i love roller coasters although i think i've given up on them for the time being after "the incident" earlier this summer. but i'm certainly not afraid of them

Do you like dogs?:
i do, but some big dogs are TERRIFYING

What is your favorite card game?:
i've been huge on whist for the past year, such a fun game

Do you watch the Sci-Fi network?:
yes, big fan of the movies and old shows they air on there. i dont watch any of the syfy original programming but i'm sure i would like it. i LOVE syfy original movies, especially ones that combine different amphibians (sp?) to create a super monster that terrorizes an unsuspecting town. they're so much fun to watch

Are you still into cartoons?:
not so much. i watch family guy all the time and old episodes of fairly oddparents are near and dear to my heart, but not much else

Name one person you would die for no matter what -:
anyone in my immediate family, most of my close friends

Name one person on the same property as you -:
right now its just me, connor, mom and dad

Name your youngest male relative -:
my cousin christine has 5 boys (god help her) and i believe her youngest is timothy?

Have you ever been dared to eat anything really gross?:
raw egg ftw?

Do you own an MP3 Player?:
i have an ipod like the rest of the world

1. What's the quietest class you're in?
not in classes anymore, actually

7. What's your smallest body part (like, you have really small hands but the rest of your body is normal sized)?
unfortunately my penis :-\ LOLJK, we all know that's a lie. um, really though, nothing on me is small

9. When was the last time you listened to a Lady Gaga song?
i usually change the station immediately when she shows up but i am quite fond of the song speechless by her, so if that comes on shuffle, i usually leave it

11. What was your favourite grade in middle school?
the very end of 8th grade was awesome, but i loathed the first 3/4 of it. i think i'll go with 7th

14. Do you know anyone who is completely sexist?
all of my friends lol

15. Who's the biggest tool you know?
i'm certainly in the runnings...

3) What position do you hold in your social group?
pretty much the one that gets shit on, buuuut i like to think that's because i'm the one people feel the most comfortable with and they know i can handle it? or maybe they just really don't like me? either/or. i'm also the one usually saying "can't we all just get along"

4) What is your favorite thing to do?
watch tv. fuck you if you have a problem with that

7) What is the most memorable thing that happened to you in elementary school?
well i used to get straight a's like every term, miss those days...

8) What do you wish you could change about your friends?
they're all VERY opinionated, which i absolutely despise more than anything. they all need to be right all the time, which couldn't be more annoying. and they're all judgmental as anything. i swear i like them lol, but i definitely think they could all use some improvements

9) What are your goals for the upcoming month?
get a job! preferably one that i like and that pays well

10) Do you like to try new foods?
i'm a very picky eater, so not really. i will try pretty much any beverage though, alcoholic or non-alcoholic
What is your absolute favorite summer activity? What about winter?
i am quite fond of mini golf, but also going down the cape. and i pretty much loathe winter now lol, but i guess i like being lazy and doing nothing all day (even though i do that throughout all the seasons...)
If you had to, would you be able to live where you are now forever?
i could absolutely stay in the town forever, i don't know about this house with my parents. some people might find that cause for concern, but this was such a perfect place to grow up in and definitely a great place to raise children. i know many people have this aching desire to go live in spain for a few years or give city life a try but i've always loved this town and i definitely COULD stay here (i won't though, don't worry, although i have every intention of settling down in a town LIKE this)

If male do you ever want to have children?
absolutely. there was a time when i believed i didn't, but i definitely want kids at this point. i think i'd be a pretty rad dad, personally

Do you have a favorite number? What is it, and why?
i am quite fond of the number 39, because i feel like it is so often neglected, but it doesn't deserve to be. it is one of the few numbers ending in 9 that is divisble by other numbers, and in general, it often gets overlooked. i realize i sound like a psycho, but i love the number 39 and want the world to know it

Are you more of a words [English] person, or numbers [Math] person?
words all day, err day, i was an english minor

Do personal questions make you uncomfortable and embarrassed?
i actually enjoy being open, which is why i take these surveys in the first place. i realize nobody is actually interested in my life, but to me, there's really no questions about myself that i wouldn't feel comfortable answering and none that i would find offensive. i always enjoy when people ask me off the wall questions, because i will give them an honest answer. unfortunately, nobody really cares about my life lol

Do you like breadsticks or dinner rolls better? Why?
i truly believe dinner rolls are some of the greatest gifts on this earth
Did you like it more when the best form of communication was face to face?
sometimes, but not always. i get really, really annoyed with texting from time to time and i HATE when people communicate with one another via social networking sites, but at the same time, i'm also really awkward, so i don't always prefer face to face

Do you usually forgive people easily? Or do you get revenge?
you know me, i NEED to get revenge always [/sarcasm]

Have you ever been on a road trip for over a thousand miles? Where to?
i would absolutely love to, but i have absolutely no money and even if i did have money, i would probably be too afraid to spend it on something like that. i think it's a wonderful idea though

10 Celebrities You Like
1. Taylor Swift
2. John Francis Daley
3. Mila Kunis
4. Natalie Portman
5. Jimmy Fallon
6. Topher Grace
7. Matthew Fox (still ignoring the rumors until they come outright and say it)
8. Zach Gilford
9. Josh Radnor
10. Jesse Eisenberg

10 Places You Wouldn't Mind Living Other Than Where You Live Now
1. Los Angeles (a suburb of, preferably)
2. Canada (anywhere really, like i said, i feel like i belong there lol)
3. Other suburbs in Massachusetts
4. Cape Cod
5. Other places in California
6. New Hampshire
7. Connecticut
8. Rhode Island
9. Pretty much any somewhat developed area of any state
10. Anywhere in The US/Canada

10 Fictional Characters From Anything That You Like
1. Eric Forman, That '70s Show
2. Cory Matthews, Boy Meets World
3. Matt Saracen, Friday Night Lights
4. Jack Shepherd, LOST
5. Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother
6. Clark Kent, Smallville
7. Sam Weir, Freaks and Geeks
8. Gordie Lachance, Stand By Me
9. James Brennan, Adventureland
10. Matt Kidman, The Girl Next Door (pretty much any protagonist from any show/movie lol)

10 Things You Love About Yourself
1. I think I'm a good person
2. I think I'm very nice
3. I think I'm very deep and can have a conversation about anything
4. I think I'm extremely loyal and trustworthy
5. I think I'm absolutely hilarious
6. I think I'm very witty
7. I think I'm a very good friend
8. I think I'm very responsible
9. I think I have a good understanding of the world
10.I think I'm very easy to talk to (i said i think in front of all of these because i know people will disagree)

10 Things You Want To Do Before You Die
1. Have my own kids (i'd be satisfied doing even half as good a job as my parents did)
2. Be a success story
3. Be financially secure (i would love to be able to give my parents anything they want)
4. Write something that's meaningful to someone
5. Meet the girl of my dreams and get married
6. Work in the TV industry (while at the same time not losing sight of who I am)
7. Climb a mountain
8. Run a marathon
9. Make a difference in someone's life
10. Make my parents proud

10 Family Members
1. Sheila, my mom
2. Skip, my dad
3. Brendan, my brother
4. Erin, my sister
5. Connor, my brother
6. Coal, my cat
7. Eric, my other cat
8. -----
9. -----
10. I dont consider anyone else my family, these people (and cats...) are all I have

10 Memories From High School (If You're Still In High School, Then 10 Memories From Junior High)
1. Senior week
2. Graduation
3. Senior prom (even though after prom was lame as anything, it's still a memory)
4. Junior prom
5. Writing my memoir and receieving some of the greatest compliments I have received to date
6. Spending my freshman year at a catholic school where I knew absolutely no one, but ended up liking it more than I could ever imagine
7. Spending every waking moment of the better part of 3 years with Molly
8. Getting my license (a year after crashing through the garage)
9. My first (and best) job at Party City
10. Spending time with my friends

10 Things That Annoy You
1. WHEN PEOPLE ARE ON THEIR PHONES IN THE COMPANY OF OTHERS (a couple texts are fine, but no need to have a full out conversation and i swear to god, GET OFF THE INTERNET)
2. Opinionated People
3. People who think they're always right/people who have to always be right in order to be happy
4. Girls who say they hate girls
5. Bullying (it doesn't so much annoy me as it does really, really upset me)
6. When people start fights/intentionally cause controversy/search for an argument
7. Unnecessary comments
8. When people say that they're bored (shut the fuck up and go do something then)
9. The majority of people at parties/bars/social gatherings lol
10. When people hate the relationship they're in, but wont call it wuits

10 Things That Would Make You HANDS DOWN Not Date Someone
1. If they have a problem with my excessive tv viewing lol
2. If they are a bitch
3. Excessive drug use/drinking (emphasis on excessive)
4. Emotionally unstable (there is nothing sexier than stability, and i can't handle an unstable girl)
5. If there is a noticeable age difference between us (a couple years is fine, but let's not get ridiculous here)
6. If they think that because they're the woman, they don't need to contribute financially (sorry bitch, this is a partnership)
7. If they want an open relationship
8. If they enjoy starting fights/controversy
9. If they have a problem with me hanging out with other girls
10.If they've been with a surplus of other guys (i'm talking like 10 here, not 3 or 4)

10 Things You're Scared Of Or That Make You Nervous
1. The future
2. Anything new and unknown
3. Birds
4. Bees
5. Bugs that fly (really anything that can attack me from above)
6. people close to me dying
7. Demonic children from movies
8. Never succeeding in life
9. Ghetto areas
10. Serial killers?

Spell your name without the letters: h,s,e,a,i,l,n,r,y,u, and t.:
wouldnt have a first name, last name would just be Mco

What time is it?:
it is now 2:23 am, hollllaaaaaa

Do you like milk?:
i love it, but it usually gives me diarrhea (tmi?) so i try to avoid it as much as possible

Whats your favorite genre of music?:
i really dont have a favorite genre anymore, and actually I don't even really notice artists anymore, I pretty much just like an array of songs these days, and they're all different genres

Whats the last movie you watched?:
i watched stand by me last weekend and thought it was one of the most brilliant/beautiful/heartbreaking/epic/fanfuckingtastic pieces of cinema i have ever seen. it was wonderful, and i've been thinking about it ever since

Do you go out to eat often?:
a ton, honestly if you take away all the money i've spent going out to eat over the last 5 or 6 years, it has to be in the thousands. that would be such a way for me to save money, but honestly i love going out to eat. i prefer restaurant food to home cooked food and i love the atmosphere of going out to eat and such, it's not something i would give up

Did/do/will you go to college?:
been there, done that

Do you listen to rap music?:
nope for the most part, i dislike the genre as a whole, but i am a big fan of eminem and there are the occasional rap/hip hop song i like, but for the most part i don't like it at all

What do you think about abortion?:
i am 100% pro-choice, i dont feel like i have the right to be pro-life because my body can never be in that situation. i'm not passionate about these things, but i've always felt like guys should be pro-choice because they never have the task of actually carrying the child. that being said, i dont exactly enjoy the idea of abortion

What's your favorite kind of soda?:
i am quite fond of coca cola, pepsi, grape soda, and root beer. i think coke would emerge as the victor but all four of those are dear to me

What's your favorite candy bar?:
hershey's cookies and cream (peach rings may be my favorite overall candy though)

Do you have a trampoline in the backyard?:
i wish more than anything. i don't believe anything more fun exists

Do you have a job?:
up until tuesday, yes. and if i don't find something full time or something new after that, i think i could arrange to keep working at my current place a little bit, but it would hardly be worth it

Do you watch tv shows or movies more?:
definitely tv

How much time do you spend on the internet a day?:
not nearly as much as most people, but i spend most my free time watching tv. i would say now that i'm out of school, it cant be more than a few hours a day

Whats your favorite tv show?:
we'll see when all the new stuff premieres, but overall i always say my top 4 is friday night lights/freaks and geeks/lost/boy meets world

What do you think of Miley Cyrus?:
i've always been a huge miley defender but after a certain amount of time, even i began to think enough was enough. i still like her though, and i think she's a good singer and actress, but i'm definitely not a fan of the whole "i can't be tamed" attitude, despite liking the song :-p

Where is the last place you went besides home?:
breakheart several hours ago for a run lol, this has been my least eventful day in awhile, buuuut in my defense, i've had a very productive/busy summer and my lazy days have been few and far between

Whats the last game you remember playing?:
played bang last night

Do you like the Twilight Saga movies or books?:
obviously never read the books, i dont think the movies are good at all but all the hate for them is almost more annoying, no need to hate something just because it's successful

Are you good at math?:
i'm great with smple math, but anything beyond that, not so much

Do you like taco bell?:
i like one meal there, but i think i mostly just get it because it's so cheap there.\

Are you, or anyone else you know, a hypochondriac?
i know a couple people that are very quick to check webmd (my least favorite site in existence) the second they think something is wrong with them, but i wouldn't necessarily call them hypochondriac

Do you often think about death? What about what comes afterwards? What's YOUR philosophy?
not all that much, but it definitely does cross my mind. i believe in some sort of afterlife, heaven and hell makes sense, but i'm not sure i buy it entirely. who knows, really

When was the last time you just felt really unattractive? What did you do to fix it? Or did you even go as far to make yourself feel better?
every second of every day? i've come a long way in the respecting and liking myself department but i don't think i will ever be okay with my appearence. that being said, i don't even really care about it anymore, but if you ask me if i find myself attractive, the answer is absolutely not

3. Do you prefer realistic television shows that you can relate to, or more fantasy-based ones?
i love both types, honestly. friday night lights is my favorite and i love how realistic and close to home it is, but then lost is another one of my favorite shows and so is smallville. but then i also have freaks and geeks. i guess i like to switch it up. i think i do ultimately prefer shows with fantasy elements just because they're bound to have twists and turns and keep you more interested, but i do love them all regardless

20. Which of these would you find more annoying - your roommate leaving their clothing on the floor, or them never knocking upon entering rooms [including the restroom]?
gotta go with knocking, i could care less about clothes everywhere

21. Do you lock the bathroom door while you're in there, or do you consider it a safety hazard?
locking the door has become habit, mostly because i live with 6 people

25. Do you make your bed every day?
i'm weird and i don't like made beds at all, my bed at home is never made, EVER, and i only made the one at school before room inspections. if i ever start sharing a bed, problems will arise

Do you think The King of Queens is a pretty good sitcom?
no, i despise shows like that

If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?
eeeeek, probably not. but i do watch a lot of tv/movies, so i would have something to draw from

Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?
chocolate, but i love both

Was your New Years Eve enjoyable?
new years 2011 (well i guess 2010?) was actually my favorite to date. it wasn't anything off the wall, but i had never done anything more than hung out at a friends house before so going into boston was a nice change of pace and i had a good time (even as the DD)

Does seeing couples in love make you mad?
no, it usually makes me optimistic, like if they can find it, can't we all

What do you like most about being your age?
it's such a perfect age because you're grown up, but you're still young and can be as free as you want to be and you don't have too many responsibilities yet. there is still plenty of time for fun

What is your favorite song to turn up loud and sing along to?
the majority of popular hits from the 90s and emotional power ballads lol

Would you rather have a stomach ache or a headache?
i'll take a stomach ache any day of the week, my headaches are usually brutal

If you don't have a Twitter, why not?
i do have one and i love it

How strange do people say you are?
pretty strange, but i could be a lot weirder

What was your favorite class during your sophomore year of high school?
ew, sophomore year. probably history just because nicole was in the class lol

03. the last time you were intoxicated what did you drink?
i drank the extremely masculine drink of UV Pink Lemonade Vodka straight for the entire evening. that was a year and a half ago, i haven't been close to that level since that night

04. do you have any recent pictures of you and your best friend together?
nope but that's only because i am not a fan of taking pictures, and everyone accepts this

06. are there any big changes about to be happening in your life?
if i can manage to find a job, then absolutely

07. do you have any big vacations planned for summer?
summer's all in bloom, summer's ending soon [/v.carlt]

08. was the last movie you watched fully any good?
as stated above, stand by me was enchanting

09. where did you last place an online order for?
amazon earlier today for some dvds

12. what are some things that you know for a fact you will be taking with you when you move out of your parents house?
i dont own many things, so other than my clothes and dvd collection, not much else

* Would you rather face your biggest fear or relive your worst memory?
i don't have any memories that were that awful, to be honest, so i suppose i'd choose that. not even sure what it would be. i'm pretty sure my biggest fear is just an uncertain future, so that doesn't even really make sense for this question

* Are you a part of any fandoms; such as Harry Potter? What is it you enjoy or relate to so much about that particular series?
i'm not actually a part of any fandoms, although i am a huge fan of a number of different things, but i am not a rabid fan by any means

* If you found out all of the kids you have will be the same gender, would you prefer all boys or all girls?
never really thought of that, because i definitely wanted at least one of each, but i think i'd go with boys, i grew up with 2 brothers and most families i knew had more boys, so i think that would be easier to handle for me

* If you had a magic eraser that could erase anything, what would you make disappear?
probably my disgusting acne lol

* What's the number one change you need to make in your life in the next twelve months?
i'd say get a job, but that needs to happen much sooner than twelve months

* How much sleep do you need in order to properly function throughout the day?
I usually don't get nearly enough and i function just fine anyways, i think it's gotten to the point that i get like 4-5 hours during the week and then sleep like 10-11 on the weekends and it all balances out

* What do you want people you meet for the first time to think about you?
that i'm nice/funny

* What TV show do you wish would go off the air for good?
i mean i can just not watch it if i don't like it, but if i had a choice i would probably choose teen mom because i honestly think it gives girls the idea that if they get pregnant, nothing bad will come out of it. i know girls that fawn over the little boy and talk about how cute he is, and i pray to god they wont attempt to get pregnant just to have a cute child of their own

3. Which do you find more irritating - sunburn or bug bites?
bug bites, i can handle suburns

4. What shape/type of fry do you like best [waffle fry, curly fry, steak fry, sweet potato fry, tater tot, etc.]?
oh my god, all of the above? but really, curly fries are delicious. waffle fries take a close second

6. Do you prefer baked pretzels or the bagged, crunchy variety? Or perhaps you don't like pretzels at all?
big soft ones are greatm, but i like bagged pretzels too

10. Which could you better tolerate - sitting in a room with a constantly-screaming baby, or sitting in a room with a blaring siren going off, both for an hour's duration?
i'd probably take a gun to my head after 5 minutes. but i suppose i'd choose the siren, a baby's cry is my kryptonite

12. What is one song that always makes you feel nostalgic when you hear it? What does it remind you of precisely?
there are seriously so many that take me back to 2005/2006/2007 and make me think of certain people/past relationships and friendships

16. Do you find it stupid that entertainers make more money than doctors, who spend their lives helping save other people's lives? Do you think that entertainment is really that important?
this might be my answer just because i'd love to work in the entertainment industry, but the reason for all the money is because there's so much money in it. movies make millions upon millions of dollars in the box office, so they have the money to dole out. sure you can say they're overpaid for what they do, but they're the reason why the money is coming in, so they might as well get it, right?
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attempt at an actual update [May. 1st, 2011|07:17 pm]
so pretty much everything i post nowadays is fun little survey stuff and me making lists, but i figured it was about time i attempt an actual update for all of my readers that i pretend exist. i'm probably gonna do a college reflection entry in a few weeks (sounds so weird to say) but i suppose an end of the update semester never hurt anyone

i suppose the most interesting thing to report is that i'm finally free of maddy after 3 1/2 years of absolute torture. i reread my lj a few weeks ago and i literally couldn't stand her at any point in my life. but we hung out with the same people and naturally saw each other pretty much everyday and spent way too much time together. my issue with maddy is not her grotesque appearence, rather her grotesque attitude. she redefines mean and takes it to new levels. as you're all very aware, i can't stand mean people, and that's just what she is. she was just a mean bitch. i could bring up some form of the looks to bitch scale (which i borrowed from how i met your mother's looks to crazy scale). if you're really, really bitchy, but you're also really, really pretty, then it can be overlooked. if you're really, really unattractive, but you're a really nice person, then it can be very easily overlooked. but you can't be a complete trainwreck and a complete bitch. you just cant. and she was. although i've always had my issues with her, i've been civil because that's what i do. but her and amanda (who i do still like, although my opinion of her has gone way downhill) have treated danielle like absolute shit and i couldn't sit idly (is that the correct spelling?) by and watch as they blantantly ignored her and then talked enough shit about her that if she knew, she'd probably consider suicide. i understood danielle and amanda's issues so it was easier to look the other way i saw amanda ignorning her but danielle has literally done nothing to maddy and maddy has been a raging cunt to her. so i proceeded to ignore maddy. i didn't not speak to her but i did my absolute best to mimmick what she was doing to danielle and wait for her to call me out on it so i could call her out on her hypocracy

never got the in-person call out i was hoping for but i got the aim one. she asked me why i was ignoring her and i told her that she has been a complete bully and i don't support it. as much as i would have liked to, i couldn't freak out. so after i told her that she said "i respect that and i agree." but apparently she didn't. i immediately got the facebook and twitter removal, which i think is a really stupid way to tell someone fuck you, but i guess that's just how our generation is going to be. so i made my away message "treat people better." because she needs to. this apparently set over the edge because she has managed to turn almost every single one of my friends at this school against me. i don't know what she's telling people, but it can not possibly be the truth. they all seriously hate me though. i can't even fathom what she's telling them. literally 12 people have deleted me from facebook and about 8 of those people go to my school and now proceed to dart their eyes to the ground when walking by me. several i considered good friends and i was a little annoyed by, but it's whatever. ally will only talk to me online, not in person. i just can't believe how people are taking her side, especially knowing how irrational she is, but mostly knowing that i'm not the type of person to wrong someone. i think one person in the history of the world has the right to be upset with me, and she isn't even anymore. so i pretty much feel like a leper patrolling around this campus these days, but i'm not going to stop my life because of one particular terrible person. as far as i'm concerned i'm a winner because i wanted her out of my life and she's gone. i do wish that i remained on good terms with some people at this school so i wouldn't have to avoid all alumni events and so i dont have to explain to my children why i dont have any college friends, but i'm glad to be rid of that cancer in my life. sadly, i'm expecting to get booed at graduation because as awful of a person as she is, she talks to alot of people and she is that mean. i can take it though, dont worry

danielle on the other hand, i have to speak about for a second. i have really come to the conclusion that danielle is a great friend. after rereading some of the stuff, i realized my issues were never with me and her, they were with her lifestyle. and i don't think that's fair of me. i dont have the right to judge how she chooses to live. and honestly, she has done so many things for me over the years. i dont know how me and her are labeled as bad people, but we are by so many. i guess haters gon hate. we've been friends since september 2007 but i think we got closer as the years went on and i can honestly say she's my best friend at framingham and one of my closer friends in general. we don't have the greatest one-on-one relationship, but we do have a really strong relationship and i'm really glad to have her in my life. i also like danielle because even though she has a million friends and goes out on the regular, she still includes me in everything. everytime she goes out, i get invited even if it's obvious she doesn't want me there. i very rarely go, because i have social issues lol, but i appreciate that she extends the invitation. i also like that she doesn't think she's better than anyone. most of my friends (and her friends) for the most part are very well off money-wise and are all extremely intelligent and they just think that they're better than everyone and it gets so annoying. i like to hang out with someone who doesnt have that much, is an average student and is ok with it. it's comforting. i don't know how close we'll be after college, our lives are going in very different places, but i'm glad that we stuck together all through college. i should also give a quick mention to a few new friends i've actually managed to make. maddy's roommate (ironically) and danielle became really good friends when maddy and amanda became these evil bitches and naturally, i became close with her as well. she's awesome and such a down to earth person. i'm pretty much with her and danielle 24/7 which is great because there's never any issues with us (and not to mention it pisses off maddy :p). she's very honest, but not in a bitchy way, and it's nice to know that exists. i've also become pretty good friends with her boyfriend, which is interesting because i've hung out with alot of guys from here but never really considered any of them friends. he's pretty much the epitome of what parents hope their child will turn out to be and hanging out with the two of them is honestly refreshing. they try to include me in everything and i really appreciate it, even though i dont usually attend (i hate myself sometimes lol). i hope the four of us keep in touch, but even if we dont, they're awesome people and i hope they stay together because they're really two of the nicest people i know

while we're on the subject of couples, i suppose i should mention lindsay here. i dont know how much any of you know about lindsay, but she's a pretty big part of my life here. we've never been together or even kissed or anything, but we've been referred to as a couple by virtually everyone that knows us because of the way we are with one another. i can note huge differences between the way i am with her and the way i am with danielle and apparently so can everyone else. we've never discussed the possibility of a relationship for real, only kinda joked about it, and now that we're leaving i kiiiind of regret it. we were hanging out the other night and talking about life after graduation and then got to joking around about how we should live together and then it went further about marriage and starting a family and all that good stuff. i know it wasn't a serious conversation, but i can't help but think about how easy it would be with her. we have a lot in common but not everything and we can just talk for hours and lose track of time doing it. we both love our alone time so we could easily respect that and honestly, we'd both just be able to do our own thing when we wanted to. the attraction isn't really there, but i feel like that's not too big of a deal. i don't expect to land a gorgeous model, i mean look at me. but i really think we could work together. too bad i'm a pussy and won't say anything to her. she'll probably remain in my life post graduation as we already have plans scheduled in the summer so i guess i can still hope something comes out of this. i'm just looking for an easy relationship (not an easy girl) and that would be one

i guess that means i should discuss life after graduation in general. but here's the thing. i don't have to discuss anything i dont want to. so many people have told me i have to discuss the future. i really don't have to. i can be stubborn if i want to be, and you all can either accept it or just not talk to me. it's your choice. i'm futuraphobic (im sure there's an actual phobia) and even though now it's not exactly in the distance, i'm still doing my best to avoid it. right now, i'm just looking to finish up here. even though i have something along the lines of 9 or 10 days until i'm done with school for good, i'm still procrastinating to the max. i actually have an 8-10 page paper due tomorrow at 11:30 and i haven't started. it's opinion-based, so that makes things slightly easier, but still, after 22 years, I still do things the night before they're due. but yeah, even with 21 days until my actual graduation, i still find myself putting off the future. i just want to have fun for now. i know i have to grow up, i do. but i'm just gonna put it off for now. as stubborn as i am, i am also very well aware that i need to grow up. that doesn't mean i'm gonna take it any better. but since i'm sure you're all dying to know, here's the best answer. i'm not going to grad school (at least anytime in the near future). it's not that i think school is ridiculously difficult and the works' too tough and all that, it's just that i don't care about school. i haven't since elementary school. i'm the guy that looks at most of his assignments and thinks how useless they are. 99% of them aren't going to matter once the class ends. so why continue to take them? i'm sure grad school classes would be more relevant to careers and such, but i don't know what that is yet. i just dont care about school. i know that if i'm going to go to grad school, i'm going to need to care and put effort in. so for now, that's out of the question. this means, that yes, i will be looking for a job. in what, you ask? i'm not really sure. some say that being a communications major is a bad thing, but i don't necessarily think so. it's so broad and i can go a lot of different ways with it. so once i'm all done with this semester, i'm just gonna go on a job application spree. this is mainly to make my mom happy and let her know i'm at least trying. i'm sure i can get hired SOMEWHERE. and if not, for the summer i can still work with my dad so at least i'll be making some money and racking up more experience i suppose. so that's the plan for now. is it a good one? not really. but that's what i'm going with. i get really annoyed when people attack me saying i have no idea. does anybody know exactly what they wanna do at 22? i don't believe they do. so my goal, is to get a job. i'll figure the rest out later ;)

so aside from the whole career thing, i would say i'm looking forward to what comes next. i've been going out alot more and really enjoying myself for the most part. i want to continue going out with people i actually like. i'm excited to live back at home for awhile, not sure how long, but i really do love that place. of course eventually i need to move out for good, but that certainly doesn't need to be right away. i'm kind of looking forward to a few more years on meadow lane. hopefully a decent paying job, my own car and some awesome times with awesome people. i dont know what the future will bring but i'm relatively excited for it
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Yes, another one [Apr. 29th, 2011|12:25 am]
Just because I refuse to do anything before the night before it's due, and everything I had due tomorrow was conveniently moved back, here you go :) JUDGE ME

Day 01- A show that should have never been canceled

I have half a mind to say Freaks and Geeks because it's in my top four tv shows and I was absolutely blown away by it. I would have enjoyed to see much more of Sam Weir navigating the waters of high school and see where Lindsay ended up after touring with the Grateful Dead. However as much as I absolutely love the show, I think it's perfect the way it is. As I've learned from many, many shows, they get worse with time and I even grow to hate them from time to time. At least with F&G's cancellation, I never had the opportunity to hate it because all 18 episodes are consumed with perfection. I'm gonna go with Life As We Know It, because it was a good teen drama (contrary to popular belief, I don't like too many, I don't consider Freaks and Geeks or Friday Night Lights teen dramas) and it ended on a cliffhanger. Freaks and Geeks had some form of a finale with it's main character driving off into the distance. Life As We Know It could have had an O.C. type deal if it was on the right network. It had the potential to attract alot more male fans (even my dad thought a few episodes were pretty hilarious) and I think it was done alot better than most teen dramas. I think it could have had ~4 seasons and been much more memorable

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

Sorry here comes another novel. I would have said Friday Night Lights, but now it's over. I'll still say it actually. It's such a good representation of normal life that sometimes I honestly forget I'm watching tv, and I get so easily absorbed in these people's lives. Like I said in the above answer, I think Friday Night Lights is a far stretch from a teen drama, but I think many people just think of it as One Tree Hill with football. I personally find that insulting. I liked One Tree Hill, but it is certaintly not anywhere near in the same league as Friday Night Lights. It's wonderous and I think it's a show that literally anyone of any age, gender, race, or any other demographic can enjoy. If anyone reading this wants to start, I own all 5 seasons ;)

Day 03 - Your favorite new show ( aired this t.v season)

No real solid answer for this one. Everything new this season that I tried to watch crashed and burned. I thought Lone Star had one of the best pilots I'd ever seen (probably third only to Friday Night Lights and LOST) and I was SO OPTIMISTIC about it's future and then it receieved dreadful ratings and was cancelled after the second episode. I was devistated. It had so much potential and the main character was right up my alley. Words can't express my disappointment for this one. I'm pretty excited about some of the pilots for next season, but after the two pilots I enjoyed the most were both cancelled after two episodes, I'm hesitant to watch some of them because it really sucks to lose them like that. Sorry I am so far away from the original question right now. I think for now I'm gonna have to go with Happy Endings, because even though they've only aired 5 episodes, I've enjoyed all 5, and any other new shows I didn't really care for after the first few

Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

Friday Night Lights. After thinking about it, I really can't think of a time when I was this obsessed with something (besides for the Real World/Road Rules challenges in middle school/early high school, but that was certainly a phase that I have outgrown). I fell in love with this show and I actually ended up watching it completely randomly when I found the first season on sale for 11 bucks and just decided to try it out. I've mentioned why I love it 284723848 times, but seriously, it is groundbreaking television. It only came into my life in May 2008, but hey that's alright. That doesn't mean it's not gonna stick with me. Boy Meets World would probably be a very close second, and it has been in my life for so unbelievably long and is still awesome to me, but I don't think it's as well put together as FNL. I encourage everyone to watch it, seriously

Day 05 - A show you hate

I could go a number of different ways with this one, but I am going to go with Secret Life of the American Teenager. It's shows like this that make me never want to watch a show about teenagers ever again. I've only seen a few episodes and they've all been because other people in the room were watching it, but I think it's the most cringe-worthy series I've ever seen. The acting is atrocious at best, but the worst, the absolute worst thing about this TRAINWRECK of a program is the awful writing. Like I don't think it could possibly be worse. And the storylines are tragic as well. These two are pregnant. These two are having a baby. But wait! Now this guy and this girl are having a baby! They should get married! Then they should shout at one another about doing what's right. Here's an idea, IF EVERYONE YOU KNOW AROUND YOU IS GETTING PREGNANT, THEN YOU SHOULD PROBABLY JUST STOP HAVING SEX. Clearly you're attending Fertility High, I think it would be a wise idea to get to know your hand a little bit better. I see previews for this show all the time (watching reruns on ABC Family, I certainly don't watch any of their originals) and I just want to kill myself everytime I see them. I do watch some shows about teenagers, only two of which I think are really girly, and never once have they made me as angry as this shows PREVIEWS do. I don't think ABC Family should be allowed to make original programming because I feel like the creators are told that if they don't write really corny episodes, then they don't have a job [/rant]

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite t.v show
I just went into an episode description in the Friday Night Lights meme thing, so I will say it's 122: State. But since it's me writing this, I'll give you a top 5 ;) 1. State 2. Stay 3. Pilot 4. The Son 5. It Ain't Easy Being JD McCoy. It should be mentioned that 3/5 are heavily Matt/Julie-centric and the other two are probably the two most important in the series

Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite t.v show

Ok, I really won't ramble in this one. No specific answer, but one of the episodes in Season 5 that has little to no Julie in it

Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

Not sure if this will come as a surprise but Friday Night Lights

Day 09 - Best scene ever

It's pretty much impossible for me to even fathom thinking about choosing one answer for this. But like I've said before, the last 5 minutes or so of LOST are absolutely astonishingly beautiful, but DON'T WATCH IT, unless you've literally seen every single scene of every single episode of the series (actually, you can skip Ab Aeterno, I won't blame you)

Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

Bones. I usually hate crime dramas, especially if I'm by myself. If I'm in a group of people, they can be fun to watch and discuss and whatnot, but I really can't sit through hours of procedurals. It's just not my thing. Like hey, didn't her cousin go to church here one Sunday? I think he did! He must be the killer! I don't know, not my thing. Bones is very much a procedural, but unlike all the other crime dramas, I love the characters, and that's why I keep coming back week after week. I only started watching because John Francis Daley was in it and I had just finished Freaks and Geeks (and developed a slight obsession with Sam) and wanted to see JFD's newest television endeveaur (sp?). I ended up getting pretty hooked. I love Sweets obviously, Brennan, Booth, Cam, Angela and Hodgins kind of annoys me, but I still like the group as a whole. I greatly prefer episodes more dedicated to characters than cases, but it's still a show I watch week-to-week. I still think that they should be a lot less procedural, but I understand that will never be the case

Day 11 - A show that disappointed you

Even though I don't exactly exlclaim in public, I was a pretty big fan of One Tree Hill seasons 1-4. Thought Lucas was a great protagonist and that's really all I need in a show and I fell head over heels in love with Haley James-Scott. But after season 4, it just took such a different direction. I'm glad that they didn't do college because it's pretty unrealistic that everyone would just go to the same college and see each other everyday, but I think the writing is just absolutely awful. It's no longer a teen drama, it's become a young adult attempted comedy, but the key word is attempted, because very rarely is it ever remotely funny. They try way too hard to come up with inside jokes, and they NEVER succeed. I get secondhand embarrassment from the show everytime i watch it. I think there are approximately 10 episodes from season 5-8 that I actually enjoy. There are 88 episodes between those 4 seasons. That means I like about 1/9 of the episodes post-season 4. That's not alot. They try way too hard and it just sucks. I don't call myself a fan of the show anymore and now it's not to hide my embarrassment, it's because I genuinely feel that it's a terrible show

Day 12 - An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times

Boy Meets World- And Then There Was Shawn. Not usually a fan of watching my favorite episodes over and over again (or watching any episodes of my favorite shows out of order, for that matter...) but this is an exception. Truly the funniest teleplay ever written if you asked me, I feel like it's exactly the type of random that I would come up with, but the fact that it actually serves a purpose in the whole post-break up of Cory/Topanga is pretty cool too. Seriously though, it's absolutely hilarious and usually I'm not the guy to go for comedy episodes, I usually go after the painfully emotional ones lol, but this one is just laugh out loud funny from start to finish

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show

Me and Brendan were absolutely addicted to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. This is where my addiction to television began. We had to be home at 4 everyday to watch this show. This is also when I became addicted to choosing favorite characters and stuff, ranking them, creating my own storylines with them, etc. Truth be told, I'd probably still enjoy it nowadays

Day 14 - Favorite male character

Eric Forman from That '70s Show. Again I'll spare you why, but if you're interested, feel free to check out my favorite character lists a couple of posts back. I can't just list 1 though, so I'll give you a top 7. I feel like these 7 give a very good idea of what kind of characters I like

1. Eric Forman, That '70s Show
2. Cory Matthews, Boy Meets World
3. Matt Saracen, Friday Night Lights
4. Jack Shephard, LOST
5. Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother
6. Sam Weir, Freaks and Geeks
7. Clark Kent, Smallville

Day 15 - Favorite female character

Haley James-Scott from One Tree Hill, but since I hate the show post season 4, I think Kate Austen might be a better answer. You can have a top 3, just to make it an even 10!

1. Haley James-Scott, One Tree Hill
2. Kate Austen, LOST
3. Julie Taylor, Friday Night Lights

Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show

I think it's wrong to feel guilty about getting pleasure from something! But I'll say shows like E! News and stuff like that. I have no idea why I'm so interested in celebrities lives, but I really am. This is something I don't readily admit to just anyone, but I think all my friends know/expect me to watch stuff like this

Day 17 - Favorite mini series

Don't watch any, sorry

Day 18 - Favorite title sequence

I think I'll go with Freaks and Geeks just because you get to see the cast member with their name. I prefer that. And the song is awesome. And the concept is awesome. Friday Night Lights is also great, but for some reason I enjoy the cast member with their name

Day 19 - Best t.v show cast

Friday Night Lights. Although I don't love every character, they all work so well together to create this real, authentic show and I think everybody really contributes and is on their A game 24/7

Day 20 - Favorite kiss

I rank alot of things, and I might like couples on shows, but I certainly don't rank kisses

Day 21 - Favorite ship

I would never, ever, ever refer to myself as a shipper but I am 100% on board the S.S. Matt and Julie. Aside from Matt/Julie and Cory/Topanga, I really don't think there's any couples that I would be pretty upset if they didn't end up together. I like the dynamic of a lot of couples, but it's mainly just the dynamic between the character, whether its romantic or platonic

Day 22 - Favorite series finale

I think it will be very, very difficult for anything to ever top LOST's for me

Day 23 - Most annoying character
BROOKE DAVIS from One Tree Hill might be my least favorite character of all time. Pretty much any sitcom character from any sitcom lol (exceptions: Boy Meets World, How I Met Your Mother, That '70s Show). Sitcoms really bother me. I have many, maybe I should make a list of my least favorite?!?!?

Day 24 - Best quote

I'm sure it's something life-affirming from Boy Meets World or How I Met Your Mother

Day 25 - A show you plan on watching (old or new)

I'm always looking for new stuff. I really want to watch Chuck, Six Feet Under, Fringe (this could be very hit or miss with me), Sons of Anarchy, Nip/Tuck, 30 Rock (just because of all those Emmys), and Prison Break to name a few. lol, i'm addicted

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale

If I didn't already know what was going to happen in the season 4 finale of LOST, I think I would have been like DSAHKDHAKFHJKSHDFSKJDHFDKJSHDKF, but I knew exactly what was gonna happen so it wasn't as exciting. I can imagine people that didn't know what was gonna happen were absolutely FLOORED by it

Day 27 - Best pilot episode

Friday Night Lights > LOST > Lone Star > ALL else

Day 28 - First t.v show obsession

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers followed by Nickelodeon cartoons but I think my first real addiction was Battle of the Sexes. That was my real obsession. The challenges after that never compared to it (for me anyways) but that one for whatever reason, really worked for me. In the past couple of years, I've gone through more obsessions than can be considered healthy

Day 29 - Current t.v show obsession

Hm, I think I'm gonna go with How I Met Your Mother even though I've been watching for probably over a year now. For some reason, I watch every rerun possible, out of order and even if I've seen it fairly recently. I think it's comedy done right, and I think most comedy is done wrong when it comes to TV/Movies. Plus, Ted Mosby has slowly but surely become my idol and now that I'm getting older, it's much easier to relate to someone like Ted vs. someone in high school, but that is certainly not to say that I feel any differently about all the high school characters that I so fondly revere (was that used correctly? suuuure)

Day 30 - Saddest character death

*spoiler alert*

Like I said in the LOST one, if I can go with Jack, then I would absolutely, but being that its LOST, what is dead really? (Although there is an episode titled Dead is Dead...) so if I can't choose Jack, I would say Boone because even though I prefer Shannon to Boone, Boone's death was muuuuuch sadder than Shannon's
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30 Day LOST Challenge [Apr. 25th, 2011|01:01 am]
There's SO much I could be doing, but I just cant do it lol. I finally fixed my computer and I just wanted to do anything but schoolwork. I really enjoyed the Friday Night Lights one, so I decided to go ahead and go for LOST. I couldn't find a Freaks and Geeks one, but it's whatever. They're fun. And this one, almost all my readers (except ironically Brittany this time) can understand. Enjoy! And dont hate because my opinion is different than yours

Day 01 — Your favorite quote

Hm, LOST doesn’t have too many emotional life quotes like boy meets world and the wonder years, but I suppose either Jack’s speech to Kate in the pilot or Kate reiterating the speech back to Jack in season 3. Great stuff, great stuff

Day 02 — Your favorite episode

I’m very, very tempted to say The End. The Pilot is phenomenal and pretty much every season finale was orgasmic (especially There’s No Place Like Home) but honestly, I think The End may have been the best teleplay of all time. I loved how they did it, because really the show wasn’t about how or why they got there, it was about the characters, and in that sense I think everything ended wonderfully. If that’s not closure, I don’t know what is. Plus you know, that final scene may have been the most powerful scene from any show/movie that I’ve ever seen. So yeah, going with The End :-p

Day 03 — Your favorite female character

Kate Austen! I never understood how so many people could have hated her. Well a lot of people are mixed on her, but I feel like you can’t really be a LOST fan and hate Kate. Although most people that hate her are just girls that can’t handle to see one of their own succeed. Bitches. But I think far and away Kate is the most interesting character with the most interesting background and I think every one of her flashback episodes (yes, that includes What Kate Does) are some of the best of their respective seasons. I understand she’s done some bad things, but I think they all kind of added to her character and made her into the epic woman that she turned out to be. Long live Kate Austen

Day 04 — Your favorite male character

Jack Shephard. You can call me cliché all you want, but you know my thoughts on television shows. A main character is basically the main component of a television show. It’s kind of hard not to like them. I myself am always huge fans of the main characters in shows, and Jack Shepherd is certainly no exception. He was always in my top 5 characters in any given point of the show (for the most part top 2, but there were brief periods of time when I would put Shannon or Juliet above him) but towards the end, I was all about Mr. Shepherd. Watching him accept his destiny to me was incredibly moving and beautifully done. Even though season 6 wasn’t as spectacular as some of the rest in my opinion, it was then that my obsession began to grow. The last couple of episodes of the show it kind of escalated higher than I ever thought it would. As of my list revisions done a few weeks ago, Jack currently sits at #4 on my favorite tv characters of all time. I love a protagonist, I love the good guy, I love a hero, I love Matthew Fox, and I fucking love Jack Shepherd

Day 05 — Your top five favorite characters
This changed so much from time to time, but overall I feel like this is the best I could have come up with. All five made my favorite character list and there’s quite long descriptions located there if you’d like to know why
1. Jack Shepherd
2. Kate Austen
3. Shannon Rutherford
4. Juliet Burke
5. Boone Carlyle

Day 06 — Your favorite couple

I’d have to go with Jack and Kate. Even though they were only actually a couple for a very, very short amount of time, it was still pretty much a show-long type deal. I just love the dynamic between them, whether it’s romantic or not. I think they’re great together and I always looked forward to their scenes. I think they kind of needed each other to remain sane (or as sane as they could possibly be) on the island. Like I said though, I didn’t necessarily care if they were actually a couple or not, I just liked their scenes together and I’m glad they *spoiler alert* did end up together after all. I wasn’t remotely opposed to Jack/Juliet, but I was very against Sawyer/Kate

Day 07 — A LOST scene that makes you happy

From Solitary, the scene towards the end of the episode when the golf course is complete and everybody starts participating. This is kinda when they all begin to accept their fate and lives on the island. Unfortunately this camaraderie and happiness lasts for all of 5 minutes, but you know, it’s a fun scene and I can’t help but smile when I see it

Day 08 — A LOST-related scene that makes you angry/sad

Angry and sad are two veeeeery different things lol. Look at my next answer for something about the show that makes me angry lol, but as far as scenes go, I’m not really sure. The last 5 minutes or so of The End make me very sad, but also *spoiler alert* Boone’s death was heartbreaking, but I loved every second of it because it brought my two favorite male characters together, but the scene was also juxtaposed with a big moment for Kate as she helped Claire give birth and then we got to see Shannon’s reaction to the whole thing, so it just included my four favorites and although it was sad, it was a favorite episode of mine

Day 09 — Your least favorite episode

AB AETERNO. Quite potentially my least favorite episode of any television show (that I like) of all time. I hated everything about it and thought it was tragic. It was the only time I ever considered turning an episode of LOST off. I wanted nothing more than for it to be over. I didn’t really care about Richard (I know he’s important, but that means nothing to me), but I wasn’t too opposed to an episode about him. Cool, let’s find out some more. Oh my god. I can’t believe what complete and utter crap the episode was (again, this is all in my opinion). Like we’ve spent 5 ½ seasons with these amazing characters and then one of the final episodes is going to be 43 minutes of this asshole’s arrival to the island? Sorry, but it’s just not for me. I was obviously much, much, much more interested in the characters than the mythology of the show. Like I’ve said countless times, I understand how important it was and it did explain a few of the issues surrounding the series, but really, I just wanted to turn it off. The next time I rewatch LOST, this is the only episode I will be skipping

Day 10 — Your least favorite male character

Oh wow, I could go a number of different ways with this. Michael, Ben and Locke all annoyed the absolute shit out of me and again, I know how important 2/3 of those are to the show’s overall storyline, so I get why they’re there, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. I think I’m gonna go with Locke. I understand Michael did everything he did for his son, but that didn’t make him any less annoying to me. And there were times when I did sympathize with Ben because let’s face it, nobody deserves to suffer so much neglect and failure. But Locke just bugged me, man. I know that everything he preached ended up being true, but the island made me do it didn’t really cut it for me. He became too obsessed and in the battle of science vs fate, of course I’m going to go with science. It just makes more sense. I know Locke definitely belonged on the show and was very important to the overall arc, but I just found him annoying as anything and kind of just waited for his scenes to be over

Day 11 — Your least favorite female character

You know, none of the main female characters really bothered me at all. In fact, I rather enjoyed most of them. I didn’t really care about Charlotte, but I didn’t hate her. Same goes for Ilana. Wow, I really can’t come up with a girl for least favorite? I guess that’s a good thing. Yay LOST for creating some solid female characters. I suppose I can go with Zoey, because as irrelevant as she was, she was just stupid lol. Yay for a mature answer

Day 12 — A character you hated at first, but ended up loving

Although I didn’t hate him, I was NOT a fan of Sawyer in the beginning at all, and I eventually grew to like him. I just don’t like mean people lol, and his attitude and douchiness did not go appreciated by me. But as he started to turn around, I started to like him more. I think my like of him peaked in season 5 and then in season 6 I just didn’t really care about him again, but I was definitely put off by him at first

Day 13 — A character you loved at first, but ended up hating

Very rarely does this actually happen for me in any shows to be honest. If I like someone, there’s not much they could do to change that. The writers would have to really change a character to make me go from loving to hating. I will say though that I loved Sayid in the first couple of seasons, but I really started to care less about him in season 6. I never once hated him, but I just didn’t care anymore. I think Sayid was at his best with Shannon and even though I kept liking him, it just seemed to be less and less until finally I couldn’t even really care less anymore. I never once hated him though, I’ll stress again

Day 14 — Your favorite season

I’m between 1 and 4, but I think it HAS to go to 1. 1 introduced us to the amazing concept/characters and in my opinion, had the best overall cast at any point. I also liked that the show wasn’t about destiny and fate too much. For the time being, it was these people stranded on an island trying to survive. I think that in itself is an interesting concept. I know that LOST would be an entirely different show if fate didn’t play a huge part in it, but I think a plane crash on an undetectable island is interesting enough. Also, aside from Juliet, I was never really crazy about any of the characters introduced after season 1. I actually got kind of annoyed with the others, the tailies (did like Ana Lucia and Libby, but never really cared enough about them), the dharma crew, or any of the newly introduced groups after season 1. Plus season 1 was the only one to feature Shannon and Boone and there was an abundance of Jack and Kate

Day 15 — Your least favorite season

Tough to call, but I’m leaning towards 2. Thought it kind of dragged a little and they spent way too much time in the damn hatch. I don’t care about Desmond or Ben or Locke so any of their stuff to me was just dull central. Also, in any season I have an episode that absolutely stands out, and I can’t think of one in season 2 (Abandoned, maybe, but it wasn’t too eventful or anything, just liked seeing Shannon’s back story)

Day 16 — Character death that made you cry the most

Well I cant cry, so I guess I’ll answer which I thought was the most emotional? Suuuuure. *Spoiler Alert* Can I go with Jack? I guess it doesn’t really count, but I think that was the most well done/part of my favorite sequence in the series even though it was the last one. I suppose I shouldn’t go with that, but you know what, I’m going to :-p

Day 17 — Your favorite friendship

I’m very tempted to say Kate/Juliet because the radical feminist lurking inside of me can’t help but root for a female friendship. They started off enemies but grew to really respect one another, and I’m a sucker for girls who respect other girls. Why do I care so much about girls liking other girls? I couldn’t tell ya. But I do. I suppose Kate and Claire may have been a better answer, but I don’t like Claire as much as I like Juliet. Fuck this, I am going with Kate and Juliet. Girl Power! Honorable mentions to Kate and Sayid, Jack and Boone, and Jack and Juliet. Wow, usually I have pretty standard answers, but I like some weird ass friendships

Day 18 — Your favorite season soundtrack

Hm, LOST isn’t exactly a show to feature new and hip music? I don’t really have an answer to this one

Day 19 — Character in LOST that is most like you

You know, I think I might have to go with Hurley. Besides the fact that I will probably be his size in about a year and about as successful as he was (before winning the lottery), I think there’s a few notable similarities. We’re both really nice guys, and we both mean really well, but we mess up a ton. I think we both live by the phrase “can’t we all just get along” and for the most part, other people’s problems go before ours. I think if I was on the plane that crashed, I would probably behave very similarly to how Hurley did. I dig it

Day 20 — Favorite LOST theory

I was NOT much of a theorizer when it came to LOST. I didn’t see a sandcastle in the background and somehow believe that that meant a second plane crash was going to occur and Sayid was actually the step-father of Eloise Hawking. I just liked to enjoy the show for what it was instead of trying to predict what it was all about. That being said, I did come up with my own prediction for how the series would end, and I felt REALLY proud of it, and I would have been stoked if I called it right. But I didn’t and I’m glad it ended the way it did

Day 21 — Team Smokey or Team Jacob?

Jacob all the way, although for the 48th time, as important as all of the mythology was to the show, give me the characters any day of the week. But I always choose good over evil, so Jacob is the easy choice for me

Day 22 — A website that’s LOST-related

Lol, lame question. I went on lost-forum.com (creatively named) very frequently during seasons 4, 5 and 6 to read stuff about the episodes. I used to spend hours there. I actually joined briefly and posted like twice but most of the posters were very unfriendly and judgmental lol so I just continued reading and never posted again. It was a great site but now it’s useless to me because the show’s over

Day 23 — A LOST-related YouTube video

^some beautiful stuff right there. I know it’s totally lame, but I love fan-made videos like these, and this is one of my favorites. This is the perfect song for my favorite character, and it’s pretty much just a perfect song in general. It works eerily well for Jack though and I think the video is wonderfully put together. I could have chose a cast one, but I think this works better

Day 24 — Favorite scene

Eeeeeeeeeeek, there are far too many to choose from. Obviously the last five minutes or so from The End, which I’ve mentioned a hundred times, but there are about a thousand or so scenes that I could list here. I cant even begin to list them all. So I guess I’ll have to go with the last 5 or so minutes of the show

Day 25 — Favorite LOST actor

I think it’s safe to say I’m in love with Matthew Fox. I haven’t seen that much other stuff that he’s been in, but in general, I think his acting on LOST was more than enough to garner him six Emmy’s over the course of the show. He had to have a mental breakdown approximately once an episode, but he was also just a fantastic protagonist and could rock the down to earth guy no problem, easily play a believable struggling doctor, wounded hero, pretty much everything. I thought he was incredible and if nothing else should have got the Emmy in 2010 (the one time he actually got nominated). I have no real interest in Party of Five, but I have every intention of watching Haunted, a cancelled series he was in right before getting the role on LOST

Day 26 — Favorite LOST actress

Have to give it up to Elizabeth Mitchell. I prefer Kate to Juliet, but if we’re basing this off acting alone, then Elizabeth Mitchell wins in a landslide. The thing with LizMitch is that she can do so much acting with her eyes, it’s really amazing. She has that worried look down pat and she doesn’t have to say anything half the time for you to know what she’s thinking. I was heavily campaigning for her to get the best supporting actress emmy in 2009 but she didn’t even get a nomination. I thought her work in The Incident was incredible and deserved it. I was really surprised to see her actually get a nomination for The End because I didn’t think they gave her anything decent to work with, but I was glad she finally got recognized. I followed her onto V and don’t worry, I’ve seen the Santa Clause trilogy

Day 27 — What you’ll miss the most about LOST

Well it’s been over for almost a year, but I think I most miss the sci-fi aspect of it. I watch a lot of great shows now, but none really provide the escape from reality that LOST did. In fact, most really showcase reality, and they’re all great, but sci-fi is cool too. I’ve been watching Smallville religiously and although that’s sci-fi, it’s a very different kind of sci-fi. LOST really made you think and believe that you’re potentially a part of something bigger. Plus, every episode usually had some incredibly exciting twist. Don’t get me wrong, I love Friday Night Lights (I would say more than LOST), but LOST certainly had the excitement factor that many other shows often lack

Day 28 — Your favorite thing about LOST

Just the characters, man. So many different options, and there’s really someone for everyone to like. Unfortunately because there’s so many, there’s bound to be several that people can’t stand, but that’s okay, because for the most part you can get over them. When I made my list of characters, LOST had the most. I updated it recently and LOST had 6, which is still more than any other show. I know that 6/50 isn’t too much, but I watch A LOT of TV, and most shows had 1 or 2 at most, so that was a big deal. (The 6 were the 5 listed above and Hurley, for those interested) but I also really enjoyed a number of characters that didn’t even make the top 50. A lot of times with shows, I don’t even like more than a few of them, but this show just had so many likeable, relatable, and downright interesting characters. That’s what I think works best about the show. And that’s why I was so satisfied with the ending

Day 29 — What show do you think can replace LOST

LOST was such an original concept, which I think is why it was so successful, and I’m not sure it can be replaced. It’s a sci-fi fan’s dream show, and I am pretty big on sci-fi. I don’t think any of the shows on now will have the same effect as LOST, even though I obviously enjoy a lot but I think Terra Nova has the potential to gather some of the fan base. I don’t know how lame it’s going to be though. It’s about dinosaurs, in case you didn’t know lol. It could be very successful and good, or it could be lame as they come. Guess we’ll have to find out

Day 30 — Do you like the way it ended?

Lol, I think I’ve literally answered this question in every other question. Yes, I was quite satisfied with The End(ing)
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just because i've officially gone into mourning now that it's over... [Apr. 19th, 2011|08:42 pm]
30 Day Friday Night Lights Challenge

Day 1 - Your top 5 favorite characters.

3. Landry Clarke
4. Lyla Garrity
5. Jason Street

Day 2 - Your favorite male character.

MATT FUCKING SARACEN, my 3rd favorite television character of all time

Day 3 - Your favorite female character.

Julie Taylor (very, very high up on the list of my favorites of all time)

Day 4 - Your least favorite male character.

Buddy Garrity (sorry, but he's just annoying as anything and I don't feel right listing one of the players even though some of them aggrivate me often)

Day 5 - Your least favorite female character.

I guess Angela Collette despite her being generally irrelevant (i have no issues with any of the main female cast)

Day 6 - Your favorite episode.

Season 1, episode 22: State. Honorable mention to the Pilot, The Son, and Stay

Day 7 - Your least favorite episode.

I don't have a solid answer to this because I really can't think of an episode I didn't like, but I'm sure it's one of the episodes from season 5 that Julie has little to no part in

Day 8 - Your favorite quote.

Call me cliche, but "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose" and "Texas Forever" are both quotes that I frequently recite. Such cliche choices, but such great quotes

Day 9 - A scene that makes you cry.

Well although I didn't actually cry during it, the majority of the episode The Son is pretty heart wrenching. I'm not sure I could pick just one scene from it

Day 10 - A scene that makes you laugh.

Any scene Matt and Landry have together, really, but in particular the scene where Coach is telling Matt to take the girl he's into (which is obviously Julie) into the back of his car so he can keep his mind off the game. It's just amusing to watch because the audience knows how hilarious it is and the coach has no idea

Day 11 - A scene that makes you angry.

I cant say anger is often an emotion I feel during my viewings of the show, but I remember getting pretty aggrivated during season 4 when they had Vince getting involved in a gang, that's NOT what this show is about

Day 12 - A scene that inspires you.

Coach: "Did you have your eyes closed when you threw that game winning pass?"
Matt: "No sir. They were wide open. They were wide open!"
Season 1, Episode 2: Eyes Wide Open

one of my favorite scenes from any show ever? Amazing in every way, shape and form

Day 13 -Your favorite male character scene.

Any of the aforementioned scenes would work here, but I can come up with another one. The end of "Stay" with Matt driving off and cracking a smile as he leaves Dillon for good. It's a great, great scene even though he does come back (but never permanently)

Day 14 - Your favorite female character scene.

Julie's speech in "Stay" telling Matt that he hates Dillon and needs to leave. It was such great character growth for her and it was exactly what Matt wanted to say but couldn't Interesting that both my answers to favorite scene were from "Stay". PERHAPS I SHOULD THINK ABOUT CHANGING MY ANSWER TO FAVORIE EPISODE? nah, i'll stick with "State"

Day 15 - Your favorite romance ship.

I can't deny that I am 100% on board the SS. Matt and Julie. I usually like couples, but don't care toooooo much about them ending up together or not. I'm usually just fond of the dynamic between two characters. But Matt and Julie I think work very well together (despite what Zach Gilford may think) and I've never really cared about a couple on tv as much as I do about them. Glad they ended up together in the end, even though I'm not crazy about how it did end...

Day 16 - Your favorite friendship.

Matt and Landry. Fantastic friendship and Gilfy and Jesse Plemmons work so well off one another. It doesn't hurt that they're best friends in real life. They're hilarious together, but they're also there for each other and I wish I had an interpersonal relationship like they have with one of my friends. I'm also rather fond of Julie and Landry, despite them not having too much screentime together. "You stay golden, Julie Taylor" is my favorite scene from "Expectations"

Day 17 - Your favorite season.

I have to go with the majority and stick with 1. It was really groundbreaking television and there was so much happening. This is back when they didn't throw in the lame ass soap opera storylines in an attempt to build an audience and they were at their most creative. The pilot is hauntingly beautiful and "State" is nothing short of fantastic. What happens in between is fantastic as well. If I had to rank the seasons, I think it would be 1 > 3 > 4 > 2 > 5, but I really did enjoy all of the seasons and pretty much every episode

Day 18 - A couple that you wished would stay together or get together.

Jason and Lyla. They were the perfect, stable couple in the pilot (and we know how I feel about stability...) and I thought there was a great thing there. I completely understand that what happened to Jason is one of the most important events of the series, but I still think Lyla/Jason had a ton of potential to explore. I for one am much more fond of people who are right for each other rather than the whole opposites attract thing. But I kind of wish Lyla stuck with Jason instead of getting with Tim. I still really like Lyla, despite what she did, but I kinda wish they stuck around. I never felt right about Lyla and Tim...

Day 19 - Something you wished never happened.

I again have to go with what most of the crowd would and say the murder storyline in season 2. Even though it was Landry's first big storyline, it completely switched gears with what the show was about and kind of followed the teen soap opera type shit that it was so different from in season 1. I liked alot of the scenes that took place because of it, but I hate the idea that Landry really killed someone. It certainly doesn't follow the normal life type deal they've got going and in all honesty, if I killed someone, I wouldn't recover as quickly as they did. I think everyone likes to pretend it didn't happen and that's cool with me. If nothing else, it made Landry more prominent in the show, so that's a good thing for me

Day 20 - Your favorite guest star.

Kim Dickens as Shelby Saracen. I liked the incorporation of both Matt's parents, but I didn't actually like his father as a character (though I obviously LOVED the scenes with him because it really added to Matt's character). But I really liked Matt's mom and in general, Kim Dickens is someone I enjoy to watch. She's a perfect fit for Friday Night Lights with her acting style. I loved the relationship between her and Matt and how she ends up doing right by her son

Day 21 - Your least favorite guest star.

Alejandro Rose-Garcia as the Swede. Just didn't like him or this storyline at all. If Matt and Julie are gonna break up, that's cool, I'll get over it. But to believe that she's leaving Matt Saracen for this dreadful human being is difficult to stomach for me. Hated him, wanted him gone immediately

Day 22 - Favorite Friday Night Lights football game.

Just because I'm cliche as always, I will of course go with the game in "State." I only cared about the football games that Matt was involved in, and this was his big moment to shine. And believe you, me, he shined

Day 23 - Favorite cast photo.


the original cast, and the idea for the picture is really cool. season 1 was the best. Smash looks questionable as anything, though...

Day 24 - What was the most shocking episode for you.

I think I might have to go with the Pilot. They spent the episode really building up Jason Street to be the hometown hero and quarterback of the century. Then they go and paralyze him. I thought it was genius, and I was drawn in. They weren't afraid to switch things up

Day 25 - The cutest couple scene to you.

Lol, I should certainly not answer this question but obviously I will...Matt and Julie's first kiss. Come on, you have to have a heart of stone to not find it adorable. I am not afraid to admit that I was touched. TOUCHED, DAMMIT

Day 26 - If you could redo a scene what would you do?

My answer to this question would contain season 5 spoilers and Brittany (the only person who will probably even glance at this) has not seen it yet, so I'm going to say a specific moment from "Always," the series finale. I wasn't fond of how it went down and it was a scene I was expected (not necessarily expecting?) to love. I would have handled it differently, but the way the rest of the episode plays out works well so I'm not sure how exactly I'd change it

Day 27 - Favorite song played in a episode.

Devil Town in "State." Chills everytime man. The song is PERFECT for the show, and pretty perfect in general. It works great with the scene and the celebration and I love that it closes out the season. It shows up in the show two more times, but it works best in 1.22 methinks

Day 28 - A scene you can watch over and over.

I'm not one to do this. I watch episodes in order and try to keep the scenes as a part of the episode. I do however see scenes out of order when I'm watching tribute videos and such. But in general, I dont watch scenes over and over, so for this one see any of my favorite scenes from above I suppose

Day 29 - A character that is the most like you.

I'm not sure if I could go with Matt or not. Don't get me wrong, he's my favorite but unlike Eric (Forman) I don't think we're too much alike. I can certainly relate to him on some aspects, but for the most part I've had a really, really easy life and he has been dealt a bad hand many times. But I think that's why I like him. I actually think I might be the most like Julie...we're both indecisive as anything, change our minds on a regular basis, not sure what we want, forced to be the support system of many others, quiet and (relatively) smart but often feel the need to rebel, passionate, etc. Yeah, I think I might have to go with Jules

Day 30 - Anything Friday Night Lights related.

This was a tumblr thing, so I think they're looking for some sort of picture or artsy-type thing, which I certainly do not have. So I'll go withhhhhhhhh "Texas forever, man." I rather enjoyed this, so I might do a few more of these in the days to come. Be prepared!
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(no subject) [Apr. 4th, 2011|11:10 pm]
day 01 - your favorite song
Counting Crows- Accidentally In Love
Fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. It’s probably the only song that I don’t get sick of and has at least 30 more plays than any other song on my iTunes. It’s my happy song, my pick-me-up song, my go-to song, my favorite driving song, it’s everything. Most songs I like are these weird, long, slower, lyrics-oriented songs, but this one just makes me feel a million things at once. I think it ultimately wins because I think I’m always most excited to hear it

day 02 - your least favorite song
Kings of Leon- Use Somebody
I liked it okay the first time I heard it, but the overplaying has officially caused me to loathe it forever. It was played so much, you literally couldn’t go an hour without hearing it. The guy is straight whining and in my opinion, really can’t sing at all. I’m totally for a sad love song, bring it on, but I still cringe every time this song comes on and it hasn’t been overplayed in years

day 03 - a song that makes you happy
Yellowcard- Ocean Avenue
Favorite song by my favorite band. I would have put Accidentally In Love for this too, but I’d rather do 30 different songs. Such a catchy single, and even 8 years after it’s release, I still smile widely thinking about all the memories it brings up. My favorite song to scream along to. It’s almost impossible for me not to smile when hearing this song

day 04 - a song that makes you sad
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Your Guardian Angel
I was going to choose another one, but I’m using it for another question that this doesn’t apply to. I think this song is just associated with a former person in my life who is no longer there, but really, it’s just a sad song. There are two songs that I can see making me cry, this is one of them, so I think that gives it the win
day 05 - a song that reminds you of someone
Papa Roach- Scars
Will FOREVER remind me of someone. It was “our song” despite it being about an alcohol problem and a horrific past. We loved the song and sang it all the time and it ALWAYS reminded me of her. Wasn’t until we stopped talking all together that the lyrics really rang true (obviously not because of an alcohol problem…) and the song became that more meaningful. I will forever associate this song with one person

day 06 - a song that reminds you of somewhere
Jack’s Mannequin- Holiday From Real
I’ve never been to California, but for some reason beyond my knowledge, out of all the songs ever written about California, this one to me literally paints a picture of what California would be like. I think it’s fantastic

day 07 - a song that reminds you of a certain event
Boston- More Than A Feeling
Clicheeeeeee answer, but I struggled to come up with one lol. Obviously I can’t hear this song without thinking about high school and graduation, in particular. I always laugh because it has NOTHING to do with graduation what so ever, but I still think it works and even though it’s actual message is QUITE dark, I’m glad we had this over Good Riddance (despite me actually being a big fan of Good Riddance, it’s overdone)

day 08 - a song that you know all the words to
Eminem- The Real Slim Shady
I pretty much know the words to every song I like, so this isn’t anything special. I went with this one because I suck at singing along to rap songs, and even though I LOVE Eminem, I certaintly can’t keep up with him in most his songs and end up skipping several words lol, but I can freestyle the ENTIRE Real Slim Shady song to perfection and I have a blast doing it

day 09 - a song that you can dance to
SoulDecision- Faded
One hit wonder from the late ‘90s and I still love it to this day. Crazily catchy and awesomely bad all at once, I have a wonderful time dancing and screaming the words every time I’m in the car. I think it’s more fun to sing than to dance to, but I don’t really dance to many songs, so I just went with this one

day 10 - a song that makes you fall asleep
Armor For Sleep- Kind Of Perfect
There’s not a chance in hell a song could EVER put me to sleep, but this is one that I listen to when I’m really tired and thinking about making the transition from listening to music to (attempting to) sleep. Great lyrics, but the music is very, very slow and could easily put most to sleep

day 11 - a song from your favorite band
Yellowcard- Empty Apartments
My cd says Empty Apartments, but apparently everywhere else has Empty Apartment? Weeeeird. Anyways, although I’d give Ocean Avenue the credit as my favorite song by Yellowcard, that mostly has to do with significance in my life and such. Empty Apartments (Apartment?) I think is Yellowcard’s best song they have ever produced (and they’ve done a lot more than anyone would expect.) The lyrics AND the music are both top notch and the song is really, really beautiful. The breakdown at the end is probably my favorite in any song

day 12 - a song from a band you hate
Lady Gaga- Poker Face
I know it says band, but I feel like my most well known hatred of a musician is for Lady G. There are a few songs (and by a few, I literally mean Speechless and Monster, NO others) songs that I like from her, but in general, she just really irritates me. I hate what she stands for. If you’re in people’s faces about your sexuality and act INSANE, then you’ll get respect. NO. That doesn’t work. People will respect you if you act like yourself. This is my main issue with her. BE WHO YOU ARE, not who some he/she tells you to be. I’ve never found her music talented (besides for the two mentioned above), and I’m not sure if she thinks she’s clever, but I couldn’t disagree more. I didn’t hate Just Dance, but as soon as I heard Poker Face, I knew I had a new least favorite singer

day 13 - a song that is a guilty pleasure
Vanessa Carlton- White Houses
Although I don’t necessarily believe in guilty pleasures- if you like something, who cares – but obviously I’m not completely honest about what I enjoy to people who aren’t my close friends. But literally upon the first time hearing White Houses, I was addicted. Vanessa Carlton is exactly the type of girl I’m into and White Houses is a DAMN good song. I made my top 100 songs of all time list and it was quite high on the list. So great to sing along to. And I think many people associate the song with me and my unnatural obsession with it

day 14 - a song that no one would expect you to love
Kenny Chesney- I Go Back
I think most people expect me to like pop songs, as they well should, but most don’t expect me to enjoy country (taylor swift and rascal flatts are kind of like pop/country crossovers). And I usually don’t like intense country, but this one particular Kenny Chesney song has great lyrics and I seem to forget the genre because of them. Nostalgic as fuck, which is just fine with me. Sad and moving. It’s a great song, regardless of genre
day 15 - a song that describes you
Taylor Swift- I’d Lie
Some of the lines are a stretch, but for the most part, I think it’s dead on. Someone sent it to me once saying it reminded them of me and I think a lot of it is so completely true, especially like every line in the chorus. A few like “he can play guitar” and the general sense of him being attractive may not ring true to me, but favorite color’s green, father’s eyes, born on the 17th, etc. It’s very accurate. I hate arguing though, but that’s just one line. It really feels like it could have been written about me, it’s kind of scary

day 16 - a song that you used to love but now hate
I can’t imagine any song would fit this, unless it was overplayed, which still wouldn’t mean I hate it. Use Somebody could work, but I certainly never loved it. The only thing I think might work is stupid child songs that would make sense for me not to like
day 17 - a song that you hear often on the radio
Katy Perry- Firework
I usually stick with Mix, XLO, Kiss, Mike and Magic, so it’s going to be mostly filled with contemporary pop music. Right now the song I avoid most is Firework by Katy Perry. I don’t like her at all, I just don’t think she’s good, but I don’t hate her. All her songs are overplayed as anything though. I’ve never actually heard her new one in full because I change it every time it comes on just because it’s her

day 18 - a song that you wish you heard on the radio
I have no answer to this one. I enjoy radio stuff and non-radio stuff and I kind of like them to be kept different. I guess I wish that the radio played more stuff from like 2005-2006 because that’s old to the point where I’d like to hear it again, unlike songs from a few months ago that I’m completely sick of

day 19 - a song from your favorite album
Yellowcard- View From Heaven
I’ve already done two songs from this album (clearly I like it…), so I went with my third favorite from the album. It’s a catchy song about death (if you thought that was possible), but Yellowcard does it in a completely tasteful way and it really works. The lyrics really hit home to anyone whose ever lost somebody and the music is so cool. Really, who doesn’t love an electric violin? God, Ocean Avenue in general is so fucking good lol

day 20 - a song that you listen to when you’re angry
Brand New- Seventy Times 7
The ULTIMATE angry song. It really only works if you’ve recently ended a friendship, but it’s so angry, and it’s so awesome to belt out the lyrics if you are mad at someone. Really the only thing that ever pisses me off are my friends, so it’s perfect for me lol. You can sense the rage in Jesse Lacey’s voice and the fact that I know the backstory of the song makes me appreciate it that much more. CAUSE YOU LEFT THE FRAYS FROM THE TIES YOU SEVERED WHEN YOU SAID “BEST FRIENDS MEANS FRIENDS FOREVER”

day 21 - a song that you listen to when you’re happy
Motion City Soundtrack- Everything Is Alright
A number of songs come to mind (the majority of which have already been posted here), but this one based on it’s title and lyrics made me choose it. The song is actually kiiiind of depressing if you think about it. He’s like yeah this went wrong, this went wrong, and I don’t like this, buttttttttttttttt everything’s cool. I love that. Hey, everything’s fine! Makes me smile every time

day 22 - a song that you listen to when you’re sad
Counting Crows- A Long December
I’m not one to be in a bad mood and then play a depressing song lol, I listen to a song because I like it, not because of my mood, but I suppose this is a good one for if you’re not in the greatest mood. Mainly because it’s pessimistic about the current state and optimistic for a better future. Plus, it’s fucking great

day 23 - a song that you want to play at your wedding
Train- Marry Me
This is SUCH a cliché answer, but let me explain first. I love stupid love songs, always have, and I think this one is without a doubt, great. You wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you. Genius, really. I’m not ashamed to admit that I think this song is wonderful, and the fact that they changed it to make it more pop and radio friendly makes me physically ill

day 24 - a song that you want to play at your funeral
Plain White T’s- Radios In Heaven
In my opinion the saddest song of all time, but I wanted to use it for this one. I think many songs about death work for many different people, but this would fit me the best. So sad. So great. Maybe not funeral appropriate? But I think I’d want it at mine. I’ve introduced it to so many people and it’s one of my favorites ever. Somebody play it at mine, thanks

day 25 - a song that makes you laugh
Blink-182- Happy Holidays, You Bastard
No words. ~50 seconds of pure amazing

day 26 - a song that you can play on an instrument
Well that’s hilarious…I can play the first line of Hark the Herald Angels sing on the piano…

day 27 - a song that you wish you could play
Counting Crows- Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby
One of my favorite songs, ever. The lyrics are ASTOUNDING. 7 minutes of pure poetry. But I find myself appreciating the music a lot in this song, which is rare for me. I think they put their hearts and souls into it, and I’d love to be able to play/sing it

day 28 - a song that makes you feel guilty
Nothing comes to mind

day 29 - a song from your childhood
Blink-182- All The Small Things
I realize this isn’t totally childhood, but I was definitely young. I’ve been in love with Blink-182 for a long time because of their ability to make you laugh as well as busting out a painfully difficult song about divorce. Now, All The Small Things is one of my least favorite songs by them, but as a kid (really, a tween) it was awesome to hear this type of catchy music that also contained the phrase “work sucks”. How hilarious. Since then, I’ve started swearing a little…

day 30 - your favorite song at this time last year
You know, as great as my memory is, I’m not really sure what it would have been
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what? [Feb. 21st, 2011|11:47 pm]
so this entry probably makes no sense as it's just me entirely rambling these thoughts that run through my mind but never actually make any sense when i write them down. what the fuck am i even talking about?

anyways everybody keeps asking me what my plan is. "whats your plan" "do you even have one" "what are you doing after graduation?" I DONT FUCKING KNOW. shut the fuck up and stop asking me. i realize i should have some idea, but i dont. and i'm sick of people asking. i wouldn't be as sick if i wasn't surrounded by such condescending cock mongers who all know exactly what they're doing with their lives. i'm happy for you, i really am, but i'm not like that. the future is my enemy. the present is my friend. the past is my mentally disabled third cousin. given those three options, i'm choosing my friend. am i envious of people that have it all figured out? slightly, but i also kind of think that alot of people take the easy way out. sorry, but i find it hard to believe that all of my engineer major friends really have a passion for engineering. and yeah, you can major in business, but is industry really your forte? i watch people like brendan, struggling through an architecture major, but the kid belongs working for espn. he loves sports. he doesn't love architecture. he just did well in his classes. although i wouldnt necessarily mind working a dead end job to make ends meet, i kind of also want to do something i love. is that too much to ask? i suppose it is. but whatever, i probably will end up in a dead end job. and i suppose i'm ok with that, i just wish it wasn't the strongest possibility

everybody wants a plan from me. i cant give them one. the one i came up with was morning shifts at dunkin donuts, afternoon shifts at burger king, night shifts at wendys, and overnight shifts at mcdonalds. i've made the joke a thousand times, but it's starting to sound less like a joke and more like an option. i'm sure that would provide me just enough cash to rent a shitty apartment and drive a shitty car. sure, i wouldnt be able to shower and i'd smell like shit. sure my acne would never clear up. sure i'd never be able to masturbate and i'd be on edge 24/7. maybe i could rub one out at the overnight shift, that cant be too busy. sometimes you see a 40 year old guy working these joints and i feel bad, but i cant help but wonder if this is just because their dream seemed unattainable to them so they just took any job they can find. i feel bad, but it is what it is also. if you're there long enough, you're sure to get a raise. i'm always in awe over how nice the people are that work drive thrus. if i really think about it, all i care about is nice people, so maybe it is the option. of course there's always the whole bringing shame to the family name thing and losing all my friends. maybe i could do all of this in kansas or something. clark kent grew to love kansas. so did dorothy. maybe i could too. ps. just so everybody's aware, i would most likely never resort to this lifestyle, but i think it makes a lot more sense than it sounds

speaking of friends, regardless of whether or not anybody wants to admit it, our group is completely falling apart. i cant believe how different this semester has been from all the other ones. it's only been a little over a month since any of us have seen each other (a few exceptions) but it feels like years. i dont really know what happened to us. i feel like our collapse started last semester but we still hung out over break and everything seemed the same. i guess there's nothing i can do. i know times are a changin' thats what everyone keeps saying. but things dont usually change before everyone graduates? i dont really know what to think of it. i think it somewhat can be credited to john's decision to make a life for himself at school. i feel like some people blame him for that, but i dont at all. he did a great job keeping everyone together for three years, but somewhat at the expense of his own college life. so he decided to make a life for himself at school. can anyone hold that against him? i certaintly dont. but at the same time, i think its what it was going to take to sort of break the group apart. john cared more than anyone that we remained a strong, cohesive unit. the rest of us kind of came and went as we pleased, knowing that john would be holding the group down. so without that, we had somewhat of (what i believe is) a collapse. people may completely disagree, but this is just what i see. i still feel like i have a good relationship with john and once this semesters over, i know me and brendan will remain friends with him. i know john has done a complete 180 but i am completely ok with his transition, and i'm looking forward to the next time we actually hang out. i pray to god that our group hasn't seen the last of its days, but if it has, i need to accept it. this could be an entirely useless entry because come the summer, we could be exactly the same again. i guess time will tell

as far as everyone at school goes, i'm pretty much ready to terminate my relationship with all of them. i have been getting along great with danielle this semester and i have completely taken her side in the whole danielle vs amanda/maddy debacle (thats probably spelled wrong, ask me if i care). they have been playing the mean girls role a little too much and i dont deal with that. but as great as danielle and i have been getting along, we are so completely different and once college ends, our relationship will end. as far as maddy/amanda go, i really do like amanda, despite the way she treats danielle and we get along very, very well but ultimately its her strong friendship with maddy that makes the two of us never going to keep in contact. and thats because maddy has reached a new all time low for me, if thats even possible. she is genuinely my least favorite person in the entire world, and i could not possibly think less of her. she plays the pity card like her life is so difficult, but she is the MEANEST BITCH i have ever come into contact with. shes so unbelievably rude to everyone and she has the nerve to call other girls fat and call them sluts. she makes one condescending comment after another to me, and fun fact: i dont deal well with condescending comments. sure, i may not say anything, but trust me, you dont want to make them to me. i cant wait to be done with this bitch once and for all on may 22, 2011. i have plans of freaking out on her on the day of graduation telling her just how awful of a person she is, but i know i wont go through with it. confrontation isn't my thing. i have actually gotten very close with maddy's roommate and her roommate's boyfriend and i really like hanging out with them, butttttt again, i know i would never keep in contact with them once i graduate. i have virtually no relationship with ally anymore even though i've always been hoping there was a possibility of a rally (ryan/ally) romance. i dont see that anymore and we're not on bad terms, we just dont keep in touch. dont speak to lindsay anymore either. unlike with high school, i dont think i'll be keeping on contact with any of them

my classes are painstakingly dull and i'm a little perturbed my last semester isn't easier/more interesting. i had to save a gen ed because i hate science so now i'm struggling through an easy nutrition class. i decided to take an advanced class also instead of a familiar class with a professor i've had 5 times. not sure why? got a paper every week, and although they're not too difficult, it's not really my thing lol. and my photography class is atrocious, i really, really thought i could get into photography, but i just cant. technology isnt my thing at all. why did i sign up for this? oh well, it'll all be over soon i suppose. i'm still completely happy with my decision to get a single. i love having my own place. i think my ideal living situation would be living with friends but having my own room to myself. i just like to be able to do whatever i want, whenever i want. and i can escape these dreadful bitches whenever i want to. i made the mistake of staying four weekends in a row. it was uneventful but at least i saved some money. my birthday sucked and i was unfortunately tragically ill, which led to a sucky first weekend home. i did enjoy the relaxation/the few people i did get to see but there are still many friends i havent seen in over a month and that makes me kind of sad. thankfully i'll be home again soon and then spring break isnt long after that. i got along really well with my family over the weekend and i got to watch my dvds, so i'll take all of that as victories. i do love that town/my house/my family alot, regardless of how i feel about my friends at any given time

i know that alot of this entry sounds horribly, horribly depressing and pessimistic but the funny (/potentially sad?) thing about this entry is that i spent the whole time smiling and laughing. i've always been relatively content with my simple life. i constantly exaggerate and i'm a tad bit dramatic, but really, i'm not in a bad mood. i'm very happy with my simple lifestyle and although i'm not optimistic about the future, i'm also not the type to allow myself to get down. i dont get depressed. i dont get bored. i dont even really get mad for long periods of time. i'm relieved that none of these things happen to me. i'm way too happy watching tv/listening to music. i think more people should adopt my simple lifestyle. although i fear the future, i'm perfectly excited for the counting crows jamfest i am about to have and i'll probably catch the newest episode of bones after that. simple things make me so happy and make me concentrate on what's good rather than what could potentially be bad in the future. it's something i've really come to love about myself

again, sorry this made no sense. but i havent updated in awhile and this beats the hell out of studying for nutrition. nobody besides brittany will read this anyways. have a great night
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snow day = survey [Feb. 2nd, 2011|04:50 pm]
is writing something that you enjoy doing?
it is, but unfortunately i cant bring myself to write just to write even though i know i would enjoy it/it would give me something to do

---would you rather read or write?
write 150%...i hate reading

would you rather draw or take photographs?
neither are really interesting to me, but i suppose take pictures, as long as i'm not in them

what is one movie you've seen, but few others have?
adventureland and closer are in my top 5 favorite movies but not many people have heard of either, at least nobody i know

---how about a movie you haven't seen, but many others have?
the second and third lord of the rings? the back to the future series. ummm, the matrix. yeah, basically

is breakfast an important meal to you?
unfortunately its not, i never eat breakfast and there are days i dont even eat lunch. that being said, breakfast foods are my favorites and the rare occasions when i go out to breakfast/go to ihop at two in the morning, are moments i treasure lol

why do you get up in the morning?
class from 1030-1230. good thing everything else was cancelled after that

who influenced your current belief / moral system?
i guess my parents but as everybody grows older, dont they kind of create their own?

anything you need with you to fall asleep?
welpppp i dont really sleep at all anymore, so i guess not, but without a fan, FAHGET ABOUT IT

when was the last time you had trouble sleeping?
every night of my life? i think waaay too much and i can never get comfortable. the thoughts are usually good ones, but ones that i will ponder for the longest amount of time. i can usually sleep well if i go to bed at like 5 am and sleep until 1 in the afternoon, but nights where i have something to do and go to bed around 1 am, there's no way i'm sleeping anytime before 5

do you celebrate the 20th of april?
nope, and i actually think smoking weed is pretty lame to begin with

have you ever eaten an entire pizza on your own?
well i get a small cheese/pepperoni for myself everytime, but i dont know if that counts

what is the most calories you've consumed in one day?
oh man, i dont even wanna know, i've never cared about that stuff

are you annoyed by personal questions?
not at all, i actually would prefer more personal questions, but have yet to come across anything that bad. i am actually very open if people want to know, and i will tell NEARLY anyone the answer to a question they ask me. as long as you're not asking me about what i know about other people, i'll answer your question

19. When was the last time you pooped?
2 hours ago?

20. Are you listening to music right now?
i'm half doing this/half watching dirty sexy money

02. Would you rather bathe in boiling hot water or ice cold water?
well boiling hot doesnt sound very appetizing, but there's nothing i hate more than cold showers unless i just got back from running/a sport. i'll take hot water anyday

05. How do you feel about the paparazzi? Would you like to be one of them? Why or why not?
i understand they are annoying to celebrities, but i think it would be a blast, i love celebrities. the only negative thing i think would be seeing their true colors lol

06. Do you watch any award shows? Which ones? Did you watch the Golden Globes this year? Do you play on watching the Oscars? Who do you think / want to win?
i love award shows so much, the emmy's are my favorite but i also love the globes, the oscars, the sag's, the grammy's, really anything. i definitely will watch the oscar's, and i'll be rooting for black swan/natalie portman/darren aranofsky mostly

07. Are you excited for the Superbowl this year? Who do you want to win? Who do you think will win?
normally i like the superbowl for the parties at my house and the awesome food but since i'll be here for the superbowl i couldn't care less and probably wont even watch it. i guess i'll go for the saints?

09. What was your favorite television series as a kid? What is it now?
power rangers<3 and then pokemon and digimon. now friday night lights/boy meets world/freaks and geeks/lost

10. Do you know anyone personally who looks like your favorite television character? Who is your favorite TV character?
well my favorite is character is eric forman from that '70s show and i think of all my friends, i resemble him closest, but not that much

13. What were your favorite math, social studies, and science topics in school? What were your least favorite?
i used to genuinely enjoy factoring in math and i was so good at it lol. i struggled with geometry much more than algebra. i liked history (in middle/high school) but i dont think i necessarily had a favorite topic, but i would say i was more into geography than history. i hated everything about science and still do :)

15. Do you compare yourself to others? In what ways?
i do, in pretty much always. mostly i say "i'm not as _____ as them"

20. Did you see Mean Girls 2? How did you like it, if you saw it?
no, but i think everything abc family produces is genuine crap. if they didn't air boy meets world in the mornings, i would never, ever have it on

Best Quentin Tarantino movie?
i never thought anything was special about tarantino, those aren't my kind of movies at all

Do you like long hair?
i dont like super long hair on girls, but i certainly dont enjoy super short hair either. medium length ftw? i dont judge guys, but when i see guys with long hair i question why they dont just get it cut. the shorter my hair is, the more i like it

Are you afraid of getting older?
i'm afraid of the real world, but i think for the most part i'm no longer afraid of getting older. the older i get, the more i start to realize how annoying younger people can be. i think i'd be pretty ok staying 21 forever...

Do you pray people never forget you?
i really hope some wont, but if they do, they do

Is there a side of you that people don't see?
if i'm around people i dont know, i really dont talk much

Would you say you were a cute kid?
i think i was adorable until i was like 5? i've been hideous ever since

Can you handle a lot of drama?
there's nothing too dramatic that takes place in my life

Is your favourite TV show very popular?
i have a number of favorite shows but as far as the four i mentioned above go, friday night lights has a preeetty good fanbase but sucks in the ratings, boy meets world had a very good fanbase but it's over now, freaks and geeks had a small, but dedicated fanbase but clearly got shitty ratings and lost had a huge fanbase and was probably one of the most popular shows of all time :) so i guess i'm hit and miss

Where would you rather be right now?
not at framingham state?

20-Do you think that the show "Date My Mom" is nauseatingly tacky and fake?:
i used to think those shows were hilarious. next anyone?

22-Do you want to be a celebrity?:
kind of lol, everybody likes them

23-Has anyone ever made fun of you on a regular basis?:
yeah, most of the time i can take it...most of the time

36-What kind of music do you like?:
i cant really decide anymore, i pretty much just like songs now instead of bands/artists/even genres, really i just like a collection of songs all different genres. i like poppunky stuff and some alternative and some

37-What was the last movie you watched?:
oddly enough, dream girls lolol, i wasn't doing anything all night and waiting for snl at 1130, so i settled on dream girls because i love stable black women

39-Admit it...on occasion you watch the History Channel and Dora the Explorer...don't you?:
ew, not at all. my least favorite kind of programming is non-competition reality. i have more or less COMPLETELY moved on from reality tv with the exception of survivor and big brother. things have changed i guess?

40-What was the last thing you watched on TV?:
i am currently watching the pilot of dirty sexy money on hulu but the internet is being rather slow so i am watching it in little bits and then returning to this survey

43-Do you plan on having kids/do you have any kids?:
i guess i have changed because honestly i would love to have kids. ideally 2, but at the same time i had so much fun growing up in such a big household that i'm thinking 4 wouldn't be so bad. i definitely dont want just one though. i feel like an only child would be dull for them and for me lol

44-How many pillows do you sleep with?:
four, but i would love more

45-Do you think Uma Thurman looks like an alien?:
kind of, not really a fan of her

67-What is your favorite fast food restaurant?:
mcdonalds will forever hold a piece of my heart

80-What is your favorite TV channel?:
you know as much as i love tv, i dont really go by network, i go by show. any of the main 4 are a ok with me and i watch stuff from all of them, but i would say nbc has probably had the most shows that i've watched over the years

86-What's your pop (soda) preference?:

94-What do you love about yourself?:
i genuinely believe i'm one of the nicest people you will ever meet and i also think i'm incredibly funny/witty

95-What do you hate about yourself?:
everything about my appearence and my lack of a backbone

96-If a genie gave you 3 wishes, what would they be?:
money? if thats not acceptable, a decent paying job. i'd probably wish for a girlfriend lol, that would be nice. and eternal happiness and prosperity for my family and friends O:-)

98-What shows did you watch as a kid?:
power rangers, all the nickelodeon shows, pokemon and digimon

99-Are you/were you grounded much?:
i havent been grounded a day in my life

106-Did you like the movie "Mean Girls?":
i think it's a very accurate depiction of high school girls and i think that's what's funny about it...i just wish more girls knew they acted like that?

107-What's the highest game you've ever bowled?:
definitely over 100, but probably not by much...

108-What are your favorite sports?:
to play, basketball and i guess to watch basketball also, soooo basketball?

109-In sports, are you more of a watcher or a player?:
i would much rather play, watching others play doesn't interest me at all

117-What movie(s) do you want to see out of the ones that are now playing in the theatres?:
the fighter, true grit and the kings speech just because they're all up for so many oscars, i could hate all of them

118-What Power Ranger would you be?:
i always liked jason and billy as a lad, and found tommy to be an overrated fucker even before i knew what overrated was...jason would be my favorite character nowadays but i'd probably end up being zack, the quiet sideick that doesn't do much lol [/nerd]

121-If you could only have one child in your lifetime, would you?:
if it was a one or none deal, then absolutely, but i would never want just one child, that makes life so sucky for them

122-And if you could choose...would it be a boy or girl?:
just one, a girl, but i would greatly prefer a boy and a girl

129-If you are older than 16, then when you turned 16-- had you ever been kissed?:
oh my, the thought of not being 16 lol. yes, i believe i had kissed 2 girls when i was 15, although one of them i'm not proud about at allllllllllll

137-Do spiders fascinate you or make you squirm?
where's the neither option? i'm not afraid of them, but i dont particularly enjoy them

138-What would be your dream career?
jason katims, hart hanson, mark schwann, carlton cuse, damon lindelof, etc, etc

139-Are you or are you going to pursue it
yeah but it probably wont work out unfortunately

140-What smilie would you be right now?

146-What radio stations do you listen to?

148-What is/are your absolute BEST friend('s)(s') name(s)?
brittany, john, anthony

149-Do you have any other things going on your computer right now other than your lj? If so, what are they?
itunes, freecell, aim, the usual

163-What areas (that are appropriate to share-lol) do you shave?
my face and my vagina

166-Country or metal?
country but i dont like reaaaaal country but country-pop crossovers are fine with me

172-Do people ever call you a "smart alec?"
more times than i care to count?

179-Where did you go for your first date (if you have been on one?)
in 7th grade i went to the movies with jesse smith and we broke up later that day<3

184-How old are you?
i'm gonna be 22 soon...holy shit

210-What do you do on an average Sunday?
wake up really late, go to brunch, shower, waste time on the computer, dinner, hang out with people i dont particularly care for, go back to my dorm and watch tv...i have such an interesting life<3

211-What REALLY annoys you?
confrontational people, mean people, people who say they're bored, hanging out with the same people day after day, watching things online, when people act like douchebags in public, chatroulette, people that complain about their relationships then stay in them, shall i go on?

212-Do you have one best friend or a whole bunch of just friends?
i have one best friend and then a group of best friends then a few other friends

214-What do you eat on your hot dogs?
mustard, i dont think anything disgusts me more than when people put ketchup on hot dogs

215-What are your favorite cookies?

219-Do you ever watch TV Land?
nope, not a sitcom kind of guy...or an old school television kind of guy...

222-What is one thing you've always wanted to change about yourself?
well i'd like to be like 4 inches shorter lol, but no i really wish i stood up for myself more and wasn't so damn awkward

231-On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your self confidence.

232-What kind of car(s) does your family own?
nissan altima, hyundai veracruz, saturn l200, plymouth sundance r.i.p

256-Are you a republican or a democrat?
registered democrat, i think my views fall pretty close to libertarian, <3freedom<3

263-How many computers do you have?
oh man, at home? counting laptops it's definitely pushing 10...dad's a computer guy

264-How many TVs do you have?
5, but i only use 2 of them

276-What is something that not many people know about you?
well my friends know this, but most people are surprised to find out some of the things i did in high school...big pimpin' son

286-What celebrity(ies) have you been told that you look like?
none, unfortunately

289-What states have you visited?
new hampshire, vermont, connecticuit, new york, new jersey, ohio, pennsylvania, i think that's it

293-Name any abolitionist.
Abraham Lincoln?

294-Name any prophet from the Bible.
was moses a prophet?

295-What was the last song you were singing out loud?
i was just mouthing life of a salesman by yellowcard because if i sang it out loud many people may be worried

Name 3 things that everyone knows about you:
i'm really tall, i watch a ton of television, i have the mouth of a truck driver

When a friend walks out of your life, do you go after them or let them go?
meh usually let them go lol

Would you cry if you found out you were pregnant?
not sure if i should cry or be amazed

Last time you consumed alcohol?
last thursday

Do you have a lot of guy friends?
i would say i have a pretty decent amount, i've developed much more male acquaintances in college...but i dont know what you'd consider alot

Do you remember what you last watched on tv?:
buffy the vampire slayer

What do you currently hear?:
yellowcard- inside out. yes i am listening to ocean avenue :)

Do you text often?:
i try not to because i'm a huge battery whore, but i do pretty often

At your house, does everyone eat together as a family?:
very, very infrequently, maybe like twice over break

Do you like songs more for their lyrics or the actual music?:
all about the lyrics baby, as long as its something i can sing to it thats all i really care

Do you ever watch the Disney Channel?:
i did up until college, those stopped being guilty pleasures once i no longer got any pleasure from them

Do you brush your teeth twice everyday?:
usually three

Do you like the music on the radio?:
mhm, i pretty much only listen to mainstream stuff these days

Do you prefer to be in a more warm or cool room?:

How do you feel about the last person you kissed?:
wish i knew her name lol

What's the best concert you've ever been to?:
the all-american rejects put on the best show

Do you believe in marriage?:
i do

how about gay marriage?:
absolutely, who are we to say who shouldnt get married?

Are you a twin?:
i am indeed

Do you read any celebrities blogs?:
several actually

Could you be nicer?:
i could not talk about people, but i'm preeeetty nice as it is

Do you belong to a stereotype?:
i really dont lol, i think i was just one of the random wallflowers

Do you watch MTV?:
not at all anymore, i wish people understood that was a long time ago

When's your favourite month?:
it's always been june and december but once school is done for good, months wont really matter anymore, so it will probably be april solely because of the weather

Stupidest thing done when drunk?:
i've done many stupid things, but vomiting onto my lap for 10 minutes because my ra was in the bathroom probably wasnt the most intelligent decision i've ever made...why couldnt i have just used my trash barrel?

Any fears about the future?:
almost all of my fears have something to do with the future

Favourite song at the moment?:
coney island by good old war, alcohol's my only friend by trouble is... (yes, still!), and dont hate but i think fucking perfect by pink is a great song...

Are you listening to anything?:
yellowcard- empty apartments aka one of my favorite songs of all time

Do you tweet?:
i love twitter

Do you like covers of songs on youtube?:
i like cover songs, but not random people on youtube

Have you ever kissed someone you didn't know?:
now i can actually answer yes to this question

3 ) Do you have a favorite Hollywood couple?
im sure there's a lot less popular one i enjoy, but i think jay-z and beyonce are a pretty bitchin' pair, they do so much charity work it's ridiculous

6 ) What is the most common thing people take advantage of or use you for? If it isn’t ever common, what is one time you can remember feeling used?
since i have no backbone, people will ask me to do stuff knowing i'll say yes

7 ) If you use Tumblr, who are the three blogs you've been following longest? Do you feel some sort of attachment to them and refuse to unfollow? If you don’t use Tumblr, why don’t you?
i dont use it but i obviously look at various tv related ones

8 ) Have you ever been with a guy/girl whose parents didn’t think you were good enough for them?
her parents were IN LOVE with me

12 ) Do the shows you enjoy most tend to be marketed toward children, teens, or adults?
hm probably teens and young adults

13 ) If you are attracted to men, are you more attracted to pretty-boys or more rugged and masculine looking men? If you are attracted to women is there a distinct difference in types of women like there is men?
i am attracted to nice girls who look normal...that's really all i care about

17 ) Have you heard the new Bright Eyes CD yet? What do you think of it? If you don’t care about Bright Eyes, are you currently trying to avoid doing something, or trying to give up a habit?
i havent heard it, i reaaaaay like two bright eyes songs but i've tried to listen to others and just found them awful

20 ) What do you think of MTV's Skins? What do you think of UK Skins series 5? If you don't know about Skins, do you like to give recommendations to people or are you a bit shy about that?
i havent seen either and i dont plan to, i hate english people and i hate mtv so neither version sounds remotely appetizing to me. plus isnt it just about a bunch of oversexed drug addicted teenagers? doesn't sound like a good show to me

23 ) Do you tend to enjoy art films and films that focus on characters more than an actual plot or do you find movies like that ridiculously pretentious and wacky?
im usually all about characters but you need to have some sort of plot or else the story goes nowhere
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raise your hand if you missed these [Jan. 26th, 2011|11:15 pm]
Have you ever had to choose between two people? If so, how hard was it?
kinda, but when someone gives you that ultimatum, it’s easy enough to decide that they’re probably the one to go

Do you have a member of the opposite sex you've told everything to?
brittany teresa deruosi

Have you ever lost a friend(s)? How?
yes, feelings got in the way x2, and he’s a fucktard that is entirely delusional, the rest just drifted from

Do you honestly have any regrets?
i have about 343289374982347

Have you met anybody that changed your life?
not many, but a few

Missing anyone?
it’s only been a week so not yet, but soon enough i will be

What's the third text in your phone say and whos it from?
it goes by contacts

Do you believe in marriage? Do you plan on getting married someday?
i do and i really hope so, but i’ll go ahead and assume nobody will marry me

I bet you're talking to someone right now, aren't you?
i have the chat and two other im’s up, but i don’t talk in the chat while joe is there

Ever receive a really long apology?
sent and received many times

Do you think you could live without your cell phone?
sometimes i want to, but i think it would be a very, very hard transition

Do you like hugs?
probably the only type of body contact i do enjoy, but not long ones, plz

What are you listening to right now?
end of an episode of bones, probably switching to music when it ends

Is there anyone you trust 100%?
absolutely not, i don’t know if there’s anybody i even trust 50%

Day been rough?
it was pretty standard, nothing special

When you say you don't care, do you mean it?
a lot of the time but not always

Will this weekend be a good one ?
friday should hopefully be fun, saturday probably not

Would you ever kiss anyone 23 and over?
i’m pretty sure that girl at the bar was 23…maybe? she could have been older…

Have you ever wasted too much time on a certain boy or girl?
yeah, i’m an expert on wasting time

If you're being extremely quiet, what does it mean?
i think it means that i’m not interested in what’s going on and i do my best not to bring down the mood but since usually i’m loud and obnoxious, people start to get mad at me. also if i’m around people i don’t know, i’m extremely quiet

Do you have a best friend?
Brittany is my mutual best friend and i also consider john, anthony, and dan my best friends regardless of whether they think the same or not

Last thing that made you smile?
oddly enough i was reading my journal and i came across something i said that i thought was absolutely hilarious. when it comes to comedy, i’m my own biggest fan

Is there any emotion you are trying to hide?
none that i can think of

Best toy as a child?
power ranger action figures and beanie babies and then when i was a little older, wrestling action figures

Do you think you'll be married in 10 years?
i sure hope so, but probably not

Do you think you can last in relationship for 6 months?
i think i can last for a few years, but not much longer than that :-p

Have you ever felt completely lost in this crazy world of ours?
definitely, i feel out of the loop 24/7 but i deal, i deal

Are things going well in your life right now?
they’re going fine, could be more interesting, but nothing bad

Do you hide your feelings, or express them?
usually hide, but occasionally express

Well, do you even believe in love?
i like to think it exists, but so far i’ve yet to see outside of movies and television…

Do you hate a lot of people?
i use the word “hate” a lot but i really don’t hate anybody. i dislike a ton of people though

Plans for the day?
its 9 pm but just the usual class and stuff, tomorrow will HOPEFULLY be a snow day…fingers crossed

Do you tend to get along with everyone?
since i’m the least confrontational person you’ll ever meet, i do my best to get along with everyone, regardless of whether i like them or not

How do you think your life will end up?
as pessimistic as it sounds, pretty lonely. i have a strong feeling the older i get the more i am going to drift from people and wish i was still younger

Is the last person you kissed yours?
wish i knew who she was lawlz

Name something you dislike about the day you're having?
lunch in the caf sucked as usual, would it kill the school to get some decent food

Is there anything in your room that reminds you of past memories?
not at school, but at home

Would you kiss anyone you've texted today?
if they were willing to, sure, but they probably wouldn’t be

Have you ever been awake for 2 days straight?
yes, i go many a night at school without sleep

Ever really cried your heart out?
not since infancy, i don’t know how to cry anymore

Do you believe ex's can be friends?
of course, you just have to work at it

When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
everytime i’m in the room with a certain someone

Are you scared of spiders?
i don’t like them by any means but i’m not afraid of them

Do you hate the last girl who texted you?
kind of actually although like i said, i don’t hate anyone

Do you think its cute when someone kisses your forehead?
that would be odd if it ever happened

Think back to this time last year, were you happy?
but of course

What can't you wait for?
normally i’d say summer break, but since i’ll be done with college forever and in the real world, i’ll say the first weekend i go home…can you tell i love it here?

because even though school’s not that bad, i really don’t do anything here and for the most part get really annoyed by the people i associate with, plus schoolwork is awful. and i love my friends at home (with the exception of 1) and cant wait to see them all again

Why do you hate the person you hate the most?
again i don’t hate anyone, but i’m most pissed at someone because of the way they have managed to brainwash all my other friends while at the same time making me look like an asshole…it gets really, really, really annoying to deal with

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

Are there things in your life that you'll never be able to get over?

Would you call yourself smart?
yes, despite what other people would say

Are you easy to get along with?
i think so, but again everyone else would say otherwise…nobody knows anything about me

Is there anybody you wish you could be spending time with right now?
my friends would be pretty cool

It's 2 in the morning and you get a text message, who is it most likely?
brittany with an interesting fact or realization

Are you legal to drink?
why yes, yes i am

Have you ever kissed anyone who's name starts with G?
i like that i’ve kissed enough girls that i actually have to think about it, but no g’s

Do you miss your past?
certain parts of it absolutely, but certain parts i never want back

Do you like to make the first move?
lol, never

Besides this, what are you doing right now?
watching bones, i didn’t switch to music because i like this episode. john francis daley is fucking awesome

Do you think youre a good friend?
i think i’m a stupendous friends which, once again, all of my friends would disagree with. they can all diaf

Does the number 23 have any significance to you?
it’s jack’s number in lost =-O aside from that, no

Did you have a good birthday this year?
i had fun last year, this year will probably suck ass

Last person you told a secret to?
i don’t really have any secrets, i’d say i’m an open book, truth is i just don’t do anything interesting lol

How many true friends do you have?
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, 2? 3?
Songs that always make you sad?
radios in heaven by plain white t’s even though it has no real significance in my life, it’s just a saaaad song

Do you put butter before putting the peanut butter on?
that makes me slightly nauseous :)

One of your stuffed animals' names as a kid?
bubby (i had a speech impediment and that was my best attempt at buddy) and cake, i was a fucking tool

Favorite day of the week?
it was friday’s for a looooong time but now that i have multiple friday classes i think it might be saturday’s now. although once friday classes are done it’s the start of the weekend so i think i’ll stick with my original answer

Favorite sundae topping?
hot fudge for the motherfucking win

Did you take piano lessons?
yes but i was awful at it

Most frequent song played?
accidentally in love by counting crows has at least 40 plays more than every other song on my itunes :)

TV show you secretly enjoy?
hm i’m trying to think of one i keep to myself…this is hard. i usually admit to liking everything, even when they’re not socially acceptable. actually i guess i can go with e news, lol, i like to be updated on everything that’s going on in hollywood, although i always change the channel when they discuss fashion because i could not be less interested in fashion

Would you rather play basketball or hockey?
basketball, i find i’m often useful in it and i have just gotten worse at hockey

One place you could travel right now?
somewhere where it’s 65-70 degrees

Do you use umbrellas?
i think umbrellas are unbelievably lame and toolish

Have you thrown up at work?
nope, but i’ve had diarrhea there many times :)

Do you scream on roller coasters?
nope, but i promise i’m having a good time, it’s just not my personality to scream in excitement

Do you know all the words to the Canadian National Anthem?
i know the first two words?

Favorite Cheese?

The Smiths or The Cure?
i think i know one song by the cure and 0 by the smiths, so i’m going with the cure

Best job you ever had?
party city was wonderful and i knew that store inside and out, plus i actually enjoyed the majority of the staff…we have a winner

Did you go to your high school prom?
remember that time i went to 5 proms?

Perfect time to wake up?
12, you get a decent amount of sleep and you get to experience the day

Perfect time to go to bed?
2ish but not if you have stuff to do in the morning

Closer to mom or dad or neither?
mom but i’m close with both

What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager?
i liked being a teenager when i was so i’d only pick the 90s, i don’t think i would have enjoyed growing up before the 80s at alllllll

Favorite shoes you ever owned?
i don’t give a shit about clothing

Do you have an article of clothing you have had since you were in high school?
yeah pretty much everything

Were you in track and field?
sometimes i wish i was, i think i could have been a beast in the mile or the half mile

Favorite Fruit?
blueberries? cantelope? yellow apples? non-ripe bananas? fruit’s rad, man

Have you watched Sex and The City?
i’ve seen it a few times but i think maybe the women should have been younger…and more attractive? and…not kim cattral?

Baseball bat or toque?
toque all the way??????

Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap?
shampoo, son

1.) What have you done the past 3 days?
classes, work study and a whole lotta nothing

2.) Do you own any Sims games? Which ones?
i do, those used to be so cool

3.) Whose birthday is coming up? What's your relation to them?
my friend dee at school, john’s and then mine and brendan’s…dee is a friend, john is my bestest friend, i am me and brendan is my brother

4.) Are you a fan of anime? If so, which ones?
i thought pokemon and digimon were fantastic back in the day and i actually even rewatched the first series of digimon last year…no loser? but i don’t watch any others, thankfully

6.) Have you ever sent a naughty text to one of your parents accidentally?
naughty texts aren’t really my thing, but i don’t think i’d ever manage to send one to my parents?

8.) Who do you talk to in your first period class?
devon in one and nobody in the other

9.) Do you get freaked out by blood or does it not bother you one bit?
doesn’t bother me at all, although watching people cut themselves freaks me out

10.) Do you have Skype? If so, who did you last talk to on there?
nope i feel that could get pretty awkward pretty fast and its not like you can like and be like oh i have to go because they’d still see you were online lol

12.) If the last person to text you wanted to hook up with you, how would you respond?
im pretty sure she does and i think i would prefer suicide, i would most likely just “jokingly” say that shes gross while really meaning it the entire time

13.) Who was the last person to text you anyway? What doe she/he look like?
Justin. He's a masshole.

14.) Have you seen Black Swan? Was it any good?
yes! It was honestly one of the best movies i’ve ever seen with two of the best acting performances of the year and one of the hottest scenes of all time. also, best directing i’ve ever seen…i plan to get it on dvd

15.) Name one band/artist that everyone else seems to like but you don't.
anything before 1990? lady gaga? rap music? kings of leon?

17.) Would you rather cut your hair 6 inches shorter or not shave for 10 months?
well the hair thing isn’t really possible for me, but i would never, ever go that long without shaving

18.) Favourite bands at the moment?
i haven’t really been into bands in awhile, since college its mostly just been songs that i like

19.) How do you feel towards your mother?
she can be so annoying sometimes but she is the most selfless woman in the entire world

20.) Forever alone. Do you know what I'm talking about?
my future?

23.) Name one person you used to have a thing with in the past. What's your relation to them now?
any name that i put here would still put the answer at nonexistant

25.) Do you have any idea what you're doing on Valentine's Day this year?
nada nada ensalada

26.) If you watch Jersey Shore, what do you think of Deena so far?
i will never watch jersey shore, but still, i more than likely despise her

27.) If you watch Skins (British version), are you annoyed that America decided to remake it?
i don’t watch either, but it doesn’t bother me when things get remade, what bothers me is when people trash america

28.) What was the last band tee you wore?
more than likely yellowcard because it’s the only band shirt i own

30.) How often do you do surveys?
not tooooooo often, but sometimes

01. When you were younger, did you ever use shrinkydink? What sorts of things did you create with it?
that sounds really questionable

05. When you were in school/if you are in school, do you actually share your grades with your parents? If you got/get a bad grade, do you hide it from them?
i did in high school, to both questions but now they no longer give a shit

07. Would you be interested in designing clothes? If so, what kind of clothes would you like to design and for who? (Teens, adults, children, etc.)
nope, unless i could just do plain white shirts with witty phrases

08. Name someone you used to be good friends with and you wish you still were friends with. Why are you two no longer friends and why do you wish you were still friends? What's keeping you from becoming friends with them again? Now name a good memory/time you shared with them.
molly, a number of reasons, she was the only person that ever really understood me, the way things ended, there are thousands

09. If your child was attending a birthday party and you could not afford to spend money on a gift for the birthday kid, what would you do?
ask my parents, and they would with buy something without question

10. Do you have trouble saying no? In what kinds of situations do you find it hard to say it?
YES, basically anytime someone asks me to do something lol

11. If you're a girl, is it easy to tell if you're not wearing a bra, or could you be safe without wearing one?
lol at this question

12. Who is your favorite actor over 40 years of age?
as much as i love tv/movies and celebrities in general, i go for characters and actor’s portrayal of those characters, i don’t really just go for actors, but i’ll say matthew fox because he’s epic

14. Are there any foods you consider "comfort foods", or foods that make you feel better when you eat them? Are you an emotional eater?
anything that’s really bad for you, and i just eat 24/7

17. Have you ever been the designated driver?
i was on new years and i actually didn’t mind it at all, i think it’s something i wouldn’t have a problem doing on a regular basis

18. Have your friends ever pressured you into drinking? Did you ever have to stop them from doing something stupid like that?
nope, they wouldn’t have to pressure me though, i like drinking, lawlz

19. Do you obsess over stupid, insignificant things?
a little too much

20. When you were younger, did you play on a little league baseball team?
for a few years

21. Do you think it's "wrong" to cry in public? Under what circumstances?
i think so, granted i don’t really understand crying, but i really think its something you shouldn’t do in front of other people, especially in front of a large group of people

22. Did you ever hide when your parents came to pick you up from a friend's house when you were a kid?
all the time actually

23. If you're a doodler, what kinds of things do you doodle?
song lyrics lol, so emo

24. What do you think of people who go to the movies just to spend the entire time kissing? Have you ever done this?
probably not worth the money, go make out in your car, or better yet, your house

25. Do you have trouble coming up with ideas for presents for your family/friends?
yes because nobody ever just says what they fucking want and i don’t want to get them something they wont enjoy

How would you describe your clothing style?
normal, i don’t do anything out of the ordinary, i pretty much wear jeans and plain shirts everyday

What's something you love about yourself physically?
physically…nothing, i hate everything about the way i look

And now something you love about your personality:
i personally think i’m hilarious and great to talk to

What are you listening to right now?
off the map…no homo lol. i don’t actually like the show but i love zach gilford and i have kept up with this solely because of him

Do you have a morning routine? If so, describe it.
pee, shower, brush my teeth…that’s about it

What's your favourite meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner)?
i’ll have to go with dinner because it’s not uncommon for me to skip both breakfast and lunch. i love going out to lunch though

The last argument you had, who was it with and what was it concerning?
maddy because she suuuuucks

Favourite junk food?
cheez-its, giant goldfish, smartfood, ranch doritos…the only things i need

If you were to go on vacation, would you rather have most of your time filled by planned activities, or would you rather relax more?
i don’t know about relaxing, but i wouldn’t mind winging it…i think it would be good to plan stuff though because there’s bound to be down time if you just wing it the whole time

Are you embarrassed by your younger self's taste? (Music, clothing, friends, etc)
friends and clothing, no, since i have the same friends and i’ve never really worn anything out and i had my share of embarrassing interests, but who didn’t? i think i’m mostly embarrassed with how i acted
If you were another animal, what animal do you think you'd be?
no idea.

Are there any albums coming out this year that you're excited for?
when you’re through thinking, say yes...3 1/2 years in the making :)

How about movies?
im not sure…2010 had a lot of good flicks, hopefully 2011 can have the same

Would you rather travel the world, or travel through space? Why?
both sounds pretty interesting
The last time you went shopping, what did you buy?
i don’t go shopping

Do you have any plans for the weekend coming up?
visit from some prostitutes

How often would you say you eat your favourite food?
fairly regularly

If you're in a relationship, how often do you see your partner? If you're single, do you still buy CD's?
questionable how those two are even remotely related, but i don’t really buy any anymore, i used to when i had money but now i have to save all my money, i will be buying yellowcard’s the day it comes out however
What toppings do you prefer to eat on pizza? Do you prefer thick or thin crust? Or maybe stuffed crust? Pepperoni<3 with no cheese…and thick crust works for me, not stuffed
When you're at home, do you tend to spend more time in your room or around your family? usually down the basement

Would you find it creepy to date someone with the same name as a parent or sibling?
definitely, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker

How much sleep did you get last night? Is this more or less than normal?
not much at all, but i guess its normal because i rarely sleep at school

When you get a headache, do you take painkillers straight away, or do you try and wait it out?
i get like 10 migraine’s a year and when that’s the case, i take painkillers instantly, but i will wait it out with regular headaches

Are there any lifetime goals you have? Not including the traditional marriage/kids/good job ones?
absolutely, i have a number of things i hope to accomplish, we’ll see if i actually do

When was the last time you bought a physical copy of an album?
i bought some for presents, but they weren’t for me

What was the last movie you watched at home, and who were you with?
i watched garden state by myself

05. Anything you're missing right now, not particularly a person... maybe a place or a feeling?
safety and security…graduation in may scares the shit out of me

06. Would you go to a concert for the artist/band that you're currently listening to?
watching a show, but if zach gilford randomly turned into a musician then absolutely

07. Have you ever had any of your work published?
not yet O:-)

08. What summer would you say has impacted your life the most up until this point?
summer 07

09. Any day coming up this week that you're especially looking forward to for any particular reason?
friday because i get to see some familiar faces

10. What's something that your sibling does that really upsets you a lot?
acts like an asshole 24/7

13. In regards to the last movie you watched start to finish what is your overall opinion on it?
it was blue valentine and it was really freakin’ good, i had heard nothing about it but it was one of the best acted movies i’ve seen in awhile (well since black swan anyways lol), i was disappointed to see ryan gosling didn’t get an oscar nod, but glad that michelle williams did

15. When you were growing up did the roles ever switch for you as far as which parent you got along with better?
nope, it was always my mother, my dad and i get along fine, but he completely doesn’t remember what it was like to be 21 and therefore cant seem to see past it

17. Is there anyone in your life who you could compare to being like one of the cast in That 70's Show?
what a great question! I hope people compare me to eric, that would probably be the best compliment i could get. theres really nobody i could compare them to though, and that’s probably good because most of those comparisons wouldn’t be a compliment

20. What's your favorite "chick flick" type of movie?
you know, i actually did enjoy mean girls…it was so well written and couldn’t have been more accurate of how girls act around each other

ive been told i talk in my sleep by multiple people, but i don’t believe anything else applies

the future and/or white condiments

lighter hair, blue eyes, but i mean that’s just ideal, i’ll take anything at this point

somewhere lame

i would love some buffalo wings from the 99

probably red, since i was a lad i always wore red and even to this day i wear red on a semi-regular basis

taylor swift/natalie portman/mila kunis/topher grace/zach gilford/john francis daley/matthew fox…sorry did you just want one each?

blondes por favor

graduation speech from roswell

my basement/mcdonalds on route 1 north in saugus lolz

2, colin and april

i’m just gonna go ahead and say it, large nipples disgust me

being around my friends, being able to go home right after, easier work

salami ftw

probably not lol, but i still think i’m pretty awesome…

lose, definitely

an unrealistic one

one that drinks soda and watches tv

friday night lights/boy meets world/freaks and geeks/lost

black raspberry/anything containing peanut butter/cookies and cream

in massachusetts, preferably danvers/peabody or actually maybe down the cape

watch/obsess over tv, listen to music, run, continue to obsess over tv, wish i was in the tv industry, etc

oh my, they’re all good…but mcdonalds takes the prize for a number of reasons, not all of which are related to food

the 99/joe’s american/bali hi/anywhere with bread

obviously, i watched a few eps of how i met your mother, a few eps of bones and off the map (again, only for gilf)

used to be christmas eve, not so much anymore, also used to be first day of summer, this year that wont be the case either…i’ll go with the first nice day after a long winter, there’s just something awesome about it

Are you eager to graduate? If already graduated, were you eager?
not at all only because i’m terrified of the real world. i’m anxious to get out of framingham though. i’m scared shitless of graduating

How do you feel about The Hangover Part II?
i thought the first was dreadful and i’ll do my best not to see the second but sometimes i’ll just go to a movie because other people are so i could very well end up seeing it, either way i’ll probably not like it lol.

How do you feel about abortion?
pro-choice kid

Do you want any kids someday?
i do

Do you drink?
i have to say since turning 21, i drink on a pretty regular basis, but by drink i mean ordering a drink or two at a restaurant, not binge drinking at parties by any means

Are there any fast food restaurants you refuse to eat at?
theres nowhere i refuse to eat…and fast food is amazing

What do you spend most of your money on?
food, food, and food

How often do you watch TV?
preeeeeetty often, but it depends on the day really, if i’m at home doing nothing, then all night, if i go out then from like 1 am to whenever i go to bed, if i’m at school usually only from midnight to whenever i go to bed. the vast majority of my tv viewing takes place between the hours of midnight and 5 am
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